(1)Action - right (2)Action - Wrong (3)Inaction

Do not grieve over mistakes committed, not all of us may have tasted success in one go; But shall try to learn from our mistakes and correct them; Failures are stepping stones to success; Thus 2.Action - Wrong when refined or fine tuned paves way for 1.Action - Right; But 3.Inaction? Doing nothing or staying grounded, not having made any headway; we become Non performing Assets. We lose interest and our confidence gets eroded; The faith that others have in us weans away. Therefore do not be a non-starter, not throwing yourself in the ring fearing losses or failures that may hit you; instead make small yet confident moves, the result may be averse, but do not lose hope. You have then moved from 3.Inaction to 2.Action - Wrong & are not very far away from your target/goal of 1.Action - Right.
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Thanks! I actually needed to read this tonight, I guess. Not that I ever suffer from inaction, but it's hard to forgive yourself mistakes sometimes...
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