God grant me,
The Serenity to accept, the things, I cannot change,
the Courage, . . to change the things, . . that I can,
and the, . . Wisdom, . . to know, . . .the difference

Well, . . . Dear God,
I got the Serenity, . .and, I got the Courage, . . .but I could sure use, a whole lot of Help, . . . .with the Wisdom.
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I Do, Believe, We are in Total agreement, on this Blog.
The Jester, passed away, . . last night
The jester passing away sounds sad. Is it as sad as it sounds?blues
Yep, . . . No more Joking, . . for the Jester
Last Night, . .at his house, . . .

I'm just cleaning up the rest of his things
oh God!..
we are moarning crying
Please don't cry Undine, . . .
He would have wanted to remember you, with a Smile on your pretty face, . . .and laughinglaugh
Ah, my Friend..
He has ALREADY passed away & REMEMBERED me in a certain manner...
so, crying
Yes, . . he often spoke of a, . . Divine Goddess, of Love, Passion, and Exquisite Beauty, . . angel

doh He told me to give you this;

ajester dont pray for serenity too much....its not always good....angel
Actually, Miss Easy,
Sorry to tell you, but the good Lord, took aJester Home last night, . .comfort

Yep, .crying . I am one of Jesters' many twin brothers, . . . Lester. . .I'm the serious, sensitive, serene one, in the Family

I'm just over here, cleaning out Jesters old memories, . . . so I can sub-let his apartment, . . next week
is this true?????really????tell me please ur kidding me right???doh
its not a good joke jester!!!doh
I guess, i'm just saying, . .there is a time to Joke around, and a time to be more serious, . . . . .

I'm just here on CS, trying to gain the Wisdom, of "when to be more Serious", . . and serene , ,
I hereby publicly apologizesigh , . .and on bended Knee, . . crying
sincerely Beg Your Forgiveness, . . .sad flower
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