W&J (6) A Mistake, A Failure, An Idiot

It would be the main editor’s mistake to send me to interview those winemakers and wineyards’vineyards' owners from New Zealand because when the interview began, when they answered my questions, all of a sudden, I found that I could not understand what they were talking about---I could not understand their o*al English.

It is not my mistake to be unable to speak or listen to another foreign language, but it is my mistake or even my failure to interview those who speak English, a language which I am not good at when coming to speaking and listening.

So through the whole interview I just sat there, listened to their talking and knew nothing. I was an idiot.

But tonight I will be an idiot again---two interviews again. However, since the main editor sees that I can not handle well in the interview doh, she will take charge of it and I will listen to their interview, to learn from it.
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janmei i tell u ..u are very good in writings,,,i see u as one of best writers here at blogs....but sometimes....the four macro skills (listening,speaking, writing,reading) does not come along well together...and besides..english is not our native tongue....so its an excuse....during our schooldays its not well developed...me i admit that i am not good in listening...and sometimes its hard for me to understand people who speaks fast especially during interviews....with cold hands and shaking knees...i experienced this during my interview at US embassy..hhehehehehwow i feel im an ididot too sometimes but its okay....charge it to experience..hhehehehehdoh
nice and easy hug

Yes!! i felt so terrible when i didn't know what they were talking. hands shaking, sweats coming out...doh as a result, i didn't know how to write this interview. a big failure.doh

my o*al english is..blushing very terrible.
its okay..ur still young ..u still have lots of time to spend studying more..go girl u can make it....come on...!!!its not the end of the world....see i am still alive...life doesnt end there hunny....u can do better next time..trust me....thumbs up
You could have asked them to slow down so you could understand. We are very accomodating that way.
By the way, just as a point of interest? Winemakers own VINEYARDS not wineyards.
celibate~~ oh what a mistake i made again! before i always mixed "winery" and "vineyard" and today i made the same mistake again!! it is not terrible to make a mistake but it is very terrible to make a same mistake again and again!!!doh

thank you for your correction. handshake from their talking, i know New Zealand is very clean, natural and beautiful. blue sky, clean land, clear water. everything is pure. you protect the natural environment very well. thumbs up i hope China can learn from New Zealand and not destroy the natural environment to develop the so-called economy. their (the winemakers and the vineyards' owners are very friendly and warmhearted. i hope one day i can visit New Zealand. hug

nice and easy ~~ the interviews are over. this time i felt much better. i can understand most of what they said this time. i guess last time i was too nervious and it was my first time to do such kind of things so when everybody looked at me my mind just went blank. but this time, since it is my editor who interviewed them, so i could calm down and could focus my mind to listen to their talking. so i got most of what they said. thank you for your encouragement!!hug
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