It's as easy as 1 2 3

1. Dont talk, or only talk about anything except how great he is for the first 30 minutes after work. (This cool down time is crucial to your happiness)

2. Find a good girlfriend to talk to.... and talk to her about EVERYTHING.

3. Show up naked with beer once a week! cheers
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And don't correct his spelling lol.....
i take it this is a joke?dunno
To prevent being stenographically stoned to death...yea, its a joke =-)

Sort of..... hehe
Yeah dude, . . .scold , . .you shouldn't joke like that, , ya know , . . . .

Actually, . . . Any Girl that shows up naked on my doorstep, . . . Can talk about Anything , . .her little heart Desires, , . . . dancing
I do not agree point three..I show up in a nice lengerie..and than...slowly..undress..
what do you think about this vision???confused grin
Well Keesy,
, . . That Works for Me, . . . . yay
AJ that's work for everyone..don't think??grin
I'm Not sure K, . . . I think this guy wants ya to Bring some Beer, .. . also

But if ya show up at my place, . . . all ya need to bring is a smile, . . wink . . .I got Vodka, . . drinking
I'm free alcohool orange juice will do ..grin
If you knock on my door K, . .in nice ( thin, red, see-through, strapless, lacy)lengerie, . . .
. . I will even throw in, . . some Milk and Cookies . .wink
OK, auch ich fangean zu ihnen angezogen werden! LOL! Scherz!
Keesy, that would work for me every time too - skip the alcohol, much more important things to think about if you arrived like that! devil

Anyway, I don't drink much either..... grin
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