Silvio Berlusconi sex scandal deepens with latest

The sex scandal involving Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, and a prostitute deepened today with the release of sensational new audio tapes purportedly proving their encounters late last year.

In the second series of tapes and transcripts to be published by the left-leaning weekly L’Espresso, the escort, Patrizia D’Addario, is recorded discussing her appointment with Mr Berlusconi in October with the man who allegedly hired her to go to the Prime Minister’s official residence

Gianpaolo Tarantini, who is being investigated by Bari prosecutors for allegations of corruption and abetting prostitution, told Ms D’Addario that Mr Berlusconi would not be “taking you like an escort, he will be taking you as a friend of mine that I brought along”.

Mr Tarantini also warned Ms D’Addario that the 72-year-old Italian leader does not use condoms. At an apparent meeting held with Ms D’Addario and another unnamed woman in October 2008, Mr Tarantini briefed them ahead of their evening with the premier.

Tarantini: I wanted to tell you that I will come with the driver at 9.15 to pick you up and we will go there.
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Wow, . .This news is disturbing, Shocking, and Atrocious.
I don't know how a Man of his Stature, and Intelligence, .could ever be so ignorant, to ever do anything, even remotely to this dangerous, . . . scold

It could never happen in America!, . .

No, . . . That type of thing would be almost, impossible, here, . . because all of our Great Leaders, . . . . . . have always diligently, . . Worn their condoms, . . proudly, . . . . no matter what their age, . . . wink
i bet that was a set up. Do you know how the global elitte bribe and black mailed people in the goverments all over the world and the people who serve for the church and vats with sex scandals?
I mean who could guess, an agent under cover as a slut or a prostitute?
Ever heard of the BLACK WIDOW? That's what im talking about.
What is really surprising is Berlusconis taste in women. She really does not look that great. I am sure he could do better!!!
Good luck with your being sure that a 72-years-old man could do better, even if his name is Berlusconi grin
It was the prostitute's words tat Mr Berlusconi has far more energy and virility that any man of his age should.
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