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Does no one have a response to my previous blog?
If you live in Ireland (Irish citizen, American, or from another country)...How did you live, find work, or attend school there? Or is Ireand not the place to try to do this now? If not, where in the EU? Ireland
is my top choice, however.
I know there is info available
searching on the internet. However, it is all generic..and I would rather get it straight from those who are there, or have done this..Plzzzzzzzzzzzhelp
Thank yougrin
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wave snowbunnie4U

Did'nt read your earlier blog,

Why Ireland confused dunno

Its an expensive place to live doh

I have many Irish friends here in France & in Ireland what do you want to know confused dunno

wine handshake hug
I am adopted, but know I have irish ancestry, and have wanted to live there for a long time..Drawn to it, I guess. However, I have been searching for months on the internet trying to find other EU countries to get into..So, is why I asked if Ireland is not a good choice right now. Hadn't heard it was expensive there. Any advice you would have, I would welcome. Thank you.handshake
wave snowbunnie4U

You may want to check your filter box confused dunno

handshake cheers
why would you want to move to a country that have their own even trying to escape from... ireland is exspensive now but will be even more so in another few wks... do yourself a big big favour and do not enter but if you do' be prepared to do so at your own risk... professor scold
Thank you very much for your words of warning. I am quite discouraged now. My daughter and I wanted so much to enter your country as we think it very beautiful, and had a lot to offer that we wanted. But, I appreciate your comment. Thank you.handshake
Ireland is fecked , stay away if your hoping for work.frustrated
I've learned that it's not wise to live in any country in which you don't have citizen ship - except you're happy married. JMPO
I guess that country is very cold.cold
maybe come to ireland for a week or two and see if you like it??
Come to my Country. We welcome practically everyone.dancing very happy
no problem snowbunnie... it was only right to be honest with you' dispite your right ireland is a very beautiful country however at the moment it is NOT so beautiful to be living here and might not be for some years yet to come' no jobs no money no future here atall.. if i could id be gone super best of luck to you though where ever you decided to up root too wine
Thank you LadyinDublin...good idea. How is it in Dublin?

Celibate..wow I did not know that about NZ..alot of ppl i know say they want to go there.

Itchy...I appreciate your honesty. It is sad to know that is how u feel in your own country. U know there are many who think your country is so beautiful and hear many great things about how friendly and talkative it's inhabitants are....including my daughter and I..grin
it depends on your financial circumstances and whether you want city life or rural life. If money is tight I would forget it. If you've won Eurolottery you just might scrape by.

City = work easier to find, but houses very expensive.
Rural = houses a lot cheaper but work hard to find, particularly white collar.

Weather: if you dont see 24/7 rain and mist as anything other than liquid sunshine you will be a manic depressive within 12 months.

Hair: An odd thing to address you might say..but try going to work for a week with bad hair, if you can't hack it forget it, everyday here is a bad hair day, humidity is usually in the high 80's...easy told Pantene isnt an irish product!!

Healthcare costs: it's the reason we have a thing called Lotto here.

Education: dodgy 2nd level (5000 failed basic level maths last year). Brilliant colleges and universtities. You will need a small country's tax revenue to pay for it though (Canada's might cover it.

Utility bills - You WILL cry, I promise..and it won't be from laughing

The economy: Max out all your credit cards, then send the bill to your ex Mother in Law telling her she has four weeks to pay it....Note her reaction! That's the general mood here (and dont forget you are already having a bad hair day)
Hi Heather. Ahhhh the Irish witt...That must be thing that keeps you sane in all of that you described.grin
Well..I formerly lived near Seattle WA, and know about rain, mist, and humidity. I am concerned about the health care and education you described. It sounds as if you don't like living in your own country?dunno
Well, you were very candid and humorous in your recount..
I will consider all of these things in our decision. It is sad really...we soooo wanted to do this. Everyone think the U.S. is always the place to be. I have lived in south korea for almost a year, and there are other parts of the world out of the "rat race" that suit me just fine. I do not want to return and live my whole life in America, and I am not Unamerican...just my own person with my own ideals wanting to leave the fast paced ridiculous pursuit for "only" the almighty dollar.
I hope things get better for you in Ireland.hug handshake
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