Galway Halloween night 30/10

Wow! fantastic.
Tonight I went to center, on shop street people dressed up in scary clothes walking.

I saw a girl playing a strange music instrument I have ever seen before. The music played with this instrument sounded fantastic. It made my heart moved and I felt it totally different from other instruments like guitar, violin, piano... I came close and greeted to the girl then I asked for its name. Harp she replied me. Her voice was as sweet as the sound of the instrument.

Now I went online and searched in and got this link of this instrument as well as clips of its play.

I am going to look for its collection soon in shopping places here soon.
If any one who reads this post and knows where I can get *.wav or *.mp3 please also share with me. Thanks in advance.

I am also wondering where it originally came from.!?
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Interesting! Its melody is sweet and limpid like guitar but also copious as dda`n tranh. Hearing it music, I have a feeling like a combination between guitar and dda`n tranh, don’t you think so? Anyway, I don't know where you can get *.wav or *.mp3, maybe you try to google it. I also have no idea about it original but I guess somewhere in Scotland?
Btw, nice weekend!
Hi Hamy79 I am glad you like it too.
The music in an Autumn cold night in Galway I got so fantastic.
It really warmed up my heart and released my loneliness in this city. It was really a moment I could not forget.
I googled and got that this musical instrument came from Scotland, Ireland and South West of Europe. So your information is right. Now it can be seen in US, canada, Spain... But not in Vietnam yet I guest.
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