Love at first sight : Real Love or Infatuation ???

Well, i would border on infatuation. Coz looks attract it possible to know what and how that person really is?

I think Love grows as you get to know the person more...and anyways, then you can be sure it's actual LOVE

i used to believe in love-at-first-sight when i was younger...due to the influence of all the curry movies LOL Wink but now i believe that is just infatuation...and that isnt bad, coz if that person is your "true love" then that infatuation will turn into love

and you have to be careful that ur infatuation or if u want to call it, "luv at first sight", doesnt turn into an obsession..."i want that person!" LOL coz that can have scary results! LOL

yes, so i believe that love at first sight is merely infatuation...or it could be the start of won't know unless you start to get to know the person. So, that's my belief. Love isnt a Lightnin strike kinda thing...although i USED to believe that... Day Dreaming LOLteddybear heart wings bouquet kiss
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Almost all young Indians in India r crazy after Bollywood movies & thats where they get this knowledge of love...
oh yes bollywood is my best...........teddybear
Namaskar..yes those movies..but thats just it..they are movies with a moral of course to certain ones but ..ones strifes to have that idialistic life..but to 98% it is not like that and will never be..
Hello I am from malta. I am not happy in this situation. I really like this girl but she says she is dating someone. I am very interested in her as she seems to be a nice person.She ignores me but I want her.I have to say for me it is love at first sight and i am not going to give up!!!!
bull shit if you got millions of USD or EUR, then you have love at first sight - by the way movies from India are all crap except Satyjit Ray's filmdancing
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