final answer?

Let me know your final answer.
You have a billion USD in your purse.
but,you gonna die in three days.
What do you do with for?

Have A wonderful day friends.
teddybear teddybear teddybear
Thank you.
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buy a bigger purse. lol you have a wonderful day also.teddybear
Then I don't need it. Simple!
I would haw 3 days to feed the hungry children in the world...

conversing conversing wave
Dear session9 Thank you for coming.
You gotta find a BIG purse for cash.
must be heavy isn't it?!
are you gonna carry it for 3 days?
Have A wonderful day to you too.
wine hug cheers
Please understanding this is joke.
Thank you. cheers hug beer
hell no i'll just pay someone else to carry it.laugh cheers
your welcome thanks for the smile.angel
Awesome. applause
that's what I thinking same way if I have a billion USD first.
or charter big ship to cruise 2 days and go to bank to deposit as my an inheritance for family,have a dinner with them,and I wanna say thank you to my family my final day.
hug cheers
i need your help to come and distribute what we can on all my charities sis.pinky...i have so many babies who needs love and care,,too many kids will be hanging on you to feed and bring for shopping deary,,that would be a tons of work to make you busy,lolhug applause applause bouquet teddybear
@session9 oh yeah.laugh laugh
I thought you gonna carry it with you for 3 days.
That's a good idea sessi.grin
where is the your cash going?
I'm afraid your friend gonna take it. uh oh
you need to hire security for your cash too.
laugh i thought of your ideas . lol leaving it for family plus maybe i could bribe peter and come back down to go shopping . laugh grin
Yes,sis are right.
we have to help people like this.
rich people sould do it.
I'm not rich but I trying to attend some activities as a volunteer as I can.
I don't have money so my body is working for that.
Thank you sis.
Have A wonderful day.
hug teddybear cheers
oh me?
yeah maybe so....I just imaged what you gonna do for it.
I got too much moonshine. rolling on the floor laughing
oh, you can bribe peter to go shopping this time. gift gift
how are the japs in english? are there any phd opportunities in japan?

thank u in advance.

roll eyes
Sorry,My english jap.....
blues blues
I am not perfect to speak and writting English like you do.
Thanks 10k.
no no ... your english is great .. betta than mine ... I wasn't sayin anything about your english ..

I was aking how are the japanese in english in general ... I didn't mean to be offensive, nagging or anything...

Definetelly i would make some of my friends richer. And i should leave charity on their inner forum. cheers
oh,Thank you 10k.
I thought.......
I will rate your photo 10.000 point again.
Do you have new one?
Thank you for stopping by crazy jap world.
how nice. applause
You are loving,caring your friends NeuroTrip.
hug cheers
what would you like me to do with it
Dear 10K.
I flied to your place rated you photo 10.000. super
cool cool
sorry ya.
both you and your question
If I had a billion USD in my purse, probably I would wake up from my sleep...!!!
my question is just imagination game.....
I wanna know how people reaction like final option if they gonna die and if they have a lot of cash at the sametime.
what you gonna do with cash or without it?
I want you to buy a house,bunnyrabbit,dog,cat and cattle by the ocean for us first. jut kd grin
kidding around can be hurtful
makis Thank you for coming.
I will buy a lot of glue for your paurse...
laugh hug cheers
oh thanks loads honey ... (:
kidding around can be hurtful........ doh
What do you mean john?
I must not kidding you or something?
john Thank you for your comment.
Have A wonderful day.see ya.teddybear teddybear hug

I've taken a look at your profile, and I saw that, in one of your fotos, you are holding a rabbit.

You know.. here in Greece, we have very nice recipies with rabbits....!!!!
Rabbit with potatos..
Rabbit with onions...
and many others...!!!

Ok maybe bad joke.!!!!

wine handshake
Yeah mikie,
I knew that.
people eat rabbit in some coutnries maybe U.S French, Europe and other place...
I've heard that taste like chiken....and yummy.
I've never had rabbit recipes yet.

In Hawaii all my friends used to asked me
"today's dinner is rabbit BBQ pink. are you ready?"
they were just kidding and teased me. grin
onetime when I get in elevetor with someone.
I was holding my bunny.
he goes "nice fur.....uh oh oh sorry I mean you have a cute rabbit.....uh oh
I smiled at him and said
"Thank you! this bunny is my baby" purple heart
That was so funny though.

I understanding we have diffrent food culture,custom in the world.
Not me but some Japanease eat hourse in a part of japan

Chop Chop Chop.......Oh No..My baby.....
my rabbit is still small so it's not easy to cook yet.
this issue also must NO COMMENT. laugh
Thanks mikie.
teddybear teddybear cheers
I got wrong your name makis......doh
makis,makis,makis. I got your name.
sorry,I was sleepy. sleep doh
I would probably have a gigantic bonfire drinking drinking
buy a nuke and anhilate the worlddancing
Dear pretty, Pink coral, . .
Actually, . . . if I was sentenced to death in three days, and I have a billion dollars, . . . I would just pay someone else, . . To Die, for me. . . wink
Dear Music,
gigantic bonfire?
are you gonna hiking or camping with us?
Yes,we can. applause
will you please play song for us?
that will be nice.
Thank you.
teddybear bouquet hug
Hi,Vetri thank you for coming.
wow wow gonna buy....make me scare.....
how about firework? cool
we can watch beatiful a billion USD fireworks in the sky. smitten
that will be too long though.
maybe it took for a few days I guess........ laugh
Have A wonderful day. grin cheers
my final answer on this you keep the money im going to the ocean to sit in peace until my death
Thank for your comment.
It is strange sentenced to death right? laugh
is anybody accept your offer?
oh here. me....
aj I will accept.
send me a check please. grin tongue
teddybear bouquet
we will sit peace until.......
dump the cash into the ocean john.
cheers hug
no ill be alone until my dying day
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