(1) Word used to describe the act of whining excessively.
(2) Person who rides specifically in the middle of a front-seatting only car meant for 2 passengers or less.
(3) Modern-day servant; A person who performs tasks for another, usually degrading in status.
(4) Term used to exclaim hardship.

(1) "Stop bitching Todd!"
(2) "Can I ride b*tch?"
(3) "Bring my friend and I some vodka b*tch"
(4) *Peron tells story to other cellmate, depicting how they came to be there, cellmate says* "Ain't that a b*tch!"


An exceedingly whipped guy who does/wears/thinks/says whatever his girlfriend tells him to.
"He is *so* her b*tch."
"How can you tell?"
"He's wearing plaid."


1. Annoying and whining female.
2. Female Dog
1. That b*tch had me up all last night
2. This b*tch likes to suck on a bone then eat pedigree.


A woman that doesn't give a flying f*ck anymore and that can and will be cruel to men.
Im always a b*tch to a**hole like you and by the way im proud to be a b*tch


A woman who would say things that if she were a man, she would be confronted or assaulted. (using her position as a woman as a shield)
I can't believe what that b*tch gets away with saying.


to complain
Suzy just like to sit around and b*tch about the high price of crack


a women with a bad attitude
She won't smile, what a b*tch


The person forced to sit in the middle of the back seat in a car. Often in cases where multiple men and one woman are riding, the woman will automatically be the "b*tch" to serve as padding for irrational male homophobia.
Looks like <insert name here> is sitting b*tch again


A big nosed female horse living in the Tri-State Area that typically wears trashy clothes and can't find a man.
Hey look, that's b*tch's nose is over 9000!


If enunciated properly, the word b*tch can be demeaning to the point of devastation. The key to success when using this form of slander lies within several factors of deliverance.

In ascending order of importance, these factors of execution include:

5. Audience
4. Voice Quality
3. Setup
2. Volume
1. Selling the ‘B’
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