clock turned 1 hour backward in Galway

Today it is the first day the clock is turned 1 hour backward here to bring it back to London, Dublin timezone (GMT + 0)

So my morning wake up has 1 more hour in bed but I have 1 hour longer at work. At five PM today I looked up the roof and saw dark sky I was a little bit surprise and right after that I recognized it 6PM of yesterday. What about tonight it is 1 hour longer than yesterday as well.

The weather is still cloudy and coLd. The Rhythm of
rain in my head (rain, rain, rain, in Galway rain.) bouquet

In Galway I could not find a cafe like HCM City. Here people enjoy bar, pub, night club, I missed HCM city one thing that is cafes. In cold, rain Galway if there is a cafe like in HCM City It will be wonderful. I can sit at a corner, hold a cup of hot cafe or tea, look through glass window to enjoy the out site scene in ligh music. I am dreaming really. and I remember harp "Evening fall - harp.mp3". I played it overnight last night and it made me nice dream. And I remember the melody played with harp on shop street really.

It is 9PM but it is already 4AM in Vietnam.
It is time I say goodnight to all. Have a nice dream.angel
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May I suggest you stop to think about Coffee in HCMC when you are in Galway?! :-) - It just makes you feel more homesick. Don't think about it! Let enjoy the bar, pub or night club (if you want). Discovering the city is also interesting (as my experiences).

About the music, you may try some... heavy rock! laugh
Don't listen to any se^'n music! it will kill your heart for homesick you know! Take care and all the best!
blushing Thanks for your advice Hamy.
you make me feel as I am in Vietnam.
I am going through every week here with you in my every post I hope. beer
Heya! I read your profile, you're in a relationship, you should NOT talk to me that sweet! lol
Enjoy England! cheers
Don't be afraid. you won't be killed if you are not a fly.
I don't hope so do I.blushing
Honestly, I don't understand probably what you said. BUT, sure, I'm not a fly. I'm just a simple girl and I don't wanna be a reason of trouble for any people. Get what I mean? cheers
Ah. have you heard a proverb that honey kills flies with its sweet!?
You told me I spoke that sweet to you. It reminded me the proverb.applause

Perhaps I spoke to you in sweet way or you have felt that way.
But you can see that it is true I am interested in your comments and posts and it really makes me feel happy and relax. I am truely looking forward that. Hope you also find it interesting in mine too. cool

Please don't care whatever I am in. Please care what we have got from this. cheers. And who knows what will be!? . dunno

I would like to tell you one thing secretly that I am in Ireland not England and Irish doesn't like English much. conversing
2kten, about honey and fly stuffs, OK, I get it. lol, and once again, no, I’m not a fly, lol.

About you are in relationship, I DO care, or in other words, I can’t say I don’t care because… how to say… if someone break up relationship because of me, then, I will feel like part of my fault thus I do hope your girl will understand what we said/say/saying are friends talk and you won’t have any problems. Hope you get what I mean.

Opsss, my stupid in geographic, I thought you’re able to enjoy England even you are living in that island!

P.S. anh co noi tieng Viet khong?
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