What about this story of violence?

I live outside of Denver, and I've recently joined a biker group, and we had a meet and greet at a little bar in south denver. One of the bartenders about 22 years old was kidnapped and taken to an apartment in south denver somewhere and tortured
for some 20 hours. They burned her stomache with cigarettes to keep her awake...she has an arm in a cast and I can't remember what all--it's on 9news.com in the local news about 3 pages into it....and on the Today show today they were talking about the very thing of rage, anger, being made into shows that are big time money makers...what say you? Do you think this display of anger, rage, can lead to something that happened to Monique the bartender--she trusted this girl and look what happened to her...
the Bridezilla shows, the Jerry Springer shows, all of those...don't you think they can plant a seed in someone's sick mind that would lead to a total of 4 people that attacked Monique and tortured her for 20 some hours?? When do we say no, and how is it going to be stopped??sad flower
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it wasn't anyone from the biker group, it was people that had been at another bar, a girl that she thought was a friend, I got
a little ahead of myself because I don't understand this, and there is no apparent reason for this to have happened....
firstly I hope the girl is ok and if they catch the people they should do the same to them as I beleive in an eye for an eye. Yes I agree with you about some programes for instance I have watched the jerry springer show once and thought what a load of rubbish and for people who want to be shown up on tele then get a life. Im afraid these stupid programes are not going to go away so the penalties for commiting crimes should be very severe and make people scared of going to prison.

Hi again
what sort of bike do you have ?

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