love will it be the death of us

hi everyone i was just thinking why is it so complex to find love right now i just need someone to make me know im alive im sorry to feel like this but right it seems love will be the death of me im trying to feel happy but im not getting any younger sorry to bother everyone with this .... john
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You are not old john.
age doesn't matter to find love and anything.
you have so many chance to find love and anything else.
I brought coco for you.
why don't we drink hot hot coco?
it makes you warm and your heart too. coffee coffee
right now my heart is as cold as ice
idea daydream angel2
feel alright?
Hi there,i am experiencing a similar thing,i have been single for a long time,what feels like forever,i am really lonely and want more than anything to fall in love and be happy/find my soulmate,i can advise u but i guess its coming from the same place really.The thing is dont be too down about it because soonerr or later the truth is YOU WILL FIND SOMEONE,whether you live happily ever after with said person time will tell,lets face it its unlikely anyway in this day and age,but u never know.Until then keep ypur options open,try getting out more or involving your self in a club or group,something where u will meet people with interests like u.dont rush things,u wont fall in love over night!!!I know its frustrating and hard,you like me probably have a lot to offer,i think sometimes women tend to go for 'bad boys',why i dont know,cos they only come out worse off usually,you seem like a nice sensitive guy,i think you will meet somebody one day,but hey love and partnership isnt everything,you may think so,and i am tempted to agree but it aint.okay,well best of luck to you,take care,dont give up!!!Chris
mucky,well said,and thank you for shearing your experience as advice.
owner john is not here.
but he will be happy to read your comment.
sorry john I hijack your airplane.
see you.
thanks chris i needed that bro
pinkcoral anytime
Hi John..someday you will meet the right one :)
thanks my friend
i know how you feel john
i was 17 when i met my first love and i spent 12 years with him, the love of my life, the one i wanted to grow old with , we had it all, the perfect life, two kids and then on day he got up and left me, i lost it all, heartbroken blues

this was six years ago and i have had three failed relationships since and too many dates to even remember which have never took of, i want my life back, i want the life i had whoch was with the man i loved, i want to feel love again too but these things we cant rush and like i keep being told it will happen, dont settle for just anyone, i have read quote a few of your blogs now and your comments and one day your find someone special who deserves you and you will be happy

thinking of you hug
thanks my dear friend i really needed that
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