i'm not a dirty old man...sorry,,,but i won't reply to girls who are half my age
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Yeah Dude,
I Know what ya mean, . . .all these hundreds of young girls,. ,. uh oh .. are just puttin an awful Hurtin,. . . .on us Old Timers, . . . blues
Maybe they want a never know..cheers
i have always thought, within reason, age is largely irrelevant drinking
$$$$$$ the younger they are..thats all they love
harsh men harsh !!!

age is a case of mind over matter .. if you dont mind then it doesnt matter !!
I can understand what you are saying but also realize that some younger women are more mature than their Earthly years and want someone that will be more compatable for them... I know that I am not a gold digger and I love older men... they appreciate so much more than a young man does. Not to mention have alot more life experience and wisdom.purple heart
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poitiers, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

love music,singing,travel,meeting new people. can't reply to girls who are half my age- don't bother- i'm not a dirty old man and i won't reply. SMILE . BE HAPPY [read more]

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