ordanary day

most days become ether bad are good but have you ever just had an ordanary day where nothing really is going on just routine my routine watch tv 10:00am to 4;00 work 4;00 to 2:00 sleep 2:00 till 10:00 but with them hours just doesn't seem ordanary i have not much time to go out and breathe in the air its been like this for eight years now im use to it ... john
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wave stillframe

C'est facile cherie confused confused arret le T.V.

doh dunno Stop watching T.V. 10 - 4

Routine yawn yawn yawn sleep sleep sleep sleep

Live a little cheering cheering dancing dancing hug
thanks i know i need to live i got to do something so spectacular people will be in awww about it
a little fresh air really clears the head instead of watching tv for 6hrs maybe take a hour walk everyday . grin
All we need is to sit and to talk to each other so there will be no misunderstanding.
Routine is sometimes boring wave
I love my routine..also to smoke a cigarette with a coup of coffe..I like my routine..and nothing can bring me out of it...........................................................
actually..I have to love it..I have no choice..cheers
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