Ugly but True

Because you are looking for a date, not love
Because you are more interested in who you go to bed with than who you wake up next to
Because you tick boxes in your head instead of crossing lines in your heart

(I Wrote This For You)
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Don´t´you think it would it would be better to write this message to the guy you treated so bad? Instead of posting something anonym that nobody knows what you want to say?
I think thats a kind of childish what you are doing right now.
it is my blog
don't read if you don't like
simple :)
You still have to learn a lot little girl.
I wish you all the best.
and you better think twice about what you are writing around the wolrd.
remember:He could do the same to you!!

good luck!
I'm sorry to hear you were hurt by that man..I hope you find a good man who will bring happiness again.
I'm curious does he live in Germany or from there? I hope I dont sound too nosey.
Whoops..Sorry I read the post above me and thought it was the op.
ok..was he from indonesia?
why you keep accusing me of treating some guy so bad?
you judge me with no proof
I like a poem, so I posted it on my blog to appreciate it and maybe there will be someone else who like it too, what's wrong with that?
Blog is a place to share
and I think you have mistaken blog with forum

Hi,thanks for your nice comment :)
so originally it's a poem I got from that blog which is the name I wrote down below the poem
why I posted it?because I like it, it kind of represents my feeling, what I feel toward everybody (not just a guy) who do things like that
I got hurt before by a guy, but this post wasn't meant to accuse him
so I hope that's cleardancing
Hi..Thank you for letting me know..wave
you are welcome :)
and answering your previous question
he's not from germany or Indonesia cool
It is his loss then right? Your young and will find a nice man someday.. Good luck in your search. cheers
thank you!
well, I don't know whose lost is it :D
good luck for you too beer
this is so true wow i just need to remember this when i think of her
Thing is who someone goes to bed with may not be who you walk up with after they have removed their wig etc laugh wave
You're right. It is ugly, and it is true drinking but things 'probably' won't change drinking drinking It sucks huh? comfort
yep it sucks haha
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