a better tomorrow

my dreams i have seem so real no more hunger no pain no war no battle scars my friends this is my biggest wish i wish for humanity but for now all i hear is dying killing hurting pain please my friends help me in this fight against all the bad things respect eachother love eachother when there is love there's no room for hate .... john
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i guess no one wants peace anymore except me sorry to bother everone
we love peace, everyone loves peace wave wave
Hello, . . I do not know, . if I am welcome in your house, . .
but i do, . . . wish you, . . a Better Tomorrow, . . .

when you said, "when there is love there's no room for hate"

I think, it is well spoken handshake
hate is just a temporary thing,after a years or time its automatically fade away..... coz our body and mind has no space for it,,,,
its just our mind that controls our feelings and spokes for our insecurities...
peace and love are the great bonds to control our mind to live free and happy!!!!!peace teddybear heart wings lips hug
good comment john.
your dream will be sure come true.
your dream is our dream.angel
teddybear teddybear
thanks everyone for your thoughts
as long as greed, intolerance and fear rule the world..the outlook is bleak..but maybe the number of us who do care and see with open eyes and true heart are growing and insha Allah your wish will come true..
right thanks my friend we all have hope that's all that matters
as we wait for a better thanks my friends
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