Hi all!

I just wanted to say hello to all that I have met. School is going great! Learning something new everyday. Got 4 more weeks left till this term is over then externship.Can't wait!
Have a great weekend all
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Very nice my dear for you..
Hello Hu....excuse me..cam..blushing wink cheers
Howdy Darlin, . .
I think i hear, . . a sweet Southern Accent?, . . . Best of Luck with your studies, . . . and I wish you a prosperous future.wine
WELCOME TO CS.If you want to exchange information for networking.We can be friends.And my I ask you that What is externship? Is it same with internship?Thank You.
Captain Tom,
Externship is the part of schooling where I get to work in a medical setting,this way I get hands on training.I can't wait.
Thanks for your comment.
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