New Year..New Year..!

Seriously, from all of the holiday, new year is always be my favorite. Excited yet scared. Lots of self reflection. That's why I try to celebrate new year with many different ways. But one thing, it has to be a journey.

Last year I went to Gili Island in East part of Indonesia.Oh,paradise!I want to go back there again actually for this year but I prefer to go to Bali.If last year theme was to find out what I want in life, this upcoming new year the theme would be unleashing myself. I will graduate soon, will start my own life, so it's the gate to freedom! yeah!

I plan to go backpacking with friends to Kuta,Bali.New year, fire works, beach, and of course party!!! dancing

Can't wait!cheering

What's your new year plan?lips
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