Arrguments, frustrations, tears

I am an emotional person. Thats the way God created me. I hate when people just belittle me. Make me file like I'm a tiny bug they can just control and squish when they speak to me.

I am a kind person, I never say bad to anyone. But just recently someone told me they are tired of hearing me say this and that, and I never say anything positive about myself, except when I am being given attention by someone of the opposite sex.

She is very unhappy in her relationship, that is the only thing I can think of when she tells me constantly, You don't need a man in your life to be happy. Possibly true, but no one should have to be alone. I have been alone most of my life, and she and many others tell me that I should feel lucky and be glad I am single. Married life is not all it's cracked up to be.

Cruel and insensitive is all I can say.

So anyway I asked my teacher why when she started her comedy troope why she never asked me to be a part of it. She claims I am inconsistant. I said that is untrue. I am always available, and when I perform I give it 100%....I have been feeling hurt by her not asking for 3 yrs now, and I finally snapped.

I pray the God gives me the strength I need to speak up without crying. I tear up easily. I get my feelings hurt easily. I am wounded....

Thanks for listening. I feel better now.
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:( i will give u a hug mommy..hmmmmpteddybear
angeleyes,be strong and dont waste your time mixing to people like them,,we maybe a good people but we cant please everyone you know,specially people who are boostful and those people who is full of jealousy...its not worth crying your pain for those kinds of people,,just be strong and exit from them smiling dear...keep doing what makes you happyhug hug bouquet wine
Take no notice of these insecure people who keep belittling you Angeleyes, you just stay the sweet person you are and somewhere out there, there is someone who will appreciate the good in you one day!

If you please yourself you are pleasing somebody, if you keep trying to please others, you will please nobody.

All the best!
Hi Angel, don't be feel bad from others, its does not matter for your life, just spend your life on your Rules and Regulations, don't worry about whats peoples think about it, just notice in your self, whats your heart need, and i know its just need pumping banana , makes happy otherscheering yay lots of love for you my dear.......teddybear
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