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Dogs just like their animal counterpart are lovable and very loyal. They are intelligent, trust-worthy, caring and attentive. In fact the Dog people are so attentive that they can be a little overwhelming and they are so caring that they tend to march on any situation that involves a friend and take control even when it does not involve them directly. People sometimes think that they are loud but in reality they just mean well and are good individuals.

Dogs are hard-working individuals but they also love to relax and enjoy good food after a hard day’s work. Even when they are not working Dogs tend to be active.

Dogs are very sensitive people and they have this idea that others may not be as attached as they are. But when they are in love they are very loyal and committed. Dogs are the givers in a relationship and they have a tendency to stick with a relationship even when it is bad until it comes to a point when it becomes intolerable

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I love Dogs too.
Dogs have feelings like us humans, and a little insight.
Dogs serve as companions and help reduce stress.
Many dogs also helping us as our good partners like emotional support for people who need this various kind of patients in hospitals, people who suffer from anxiety and other mental health conditions.....etc
The main thing with dogs, though, is the love and fun they bring to their owners' lives.
Dogs are our best friends for life. wine
Thank you for shearing good stroy.
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PS:my bunny said that she wants to be our companion with a carrot. grin
I have a dog also and he is my best friend..he even doesn't eat when I'm not home..waiting for me...and the time for dinner.

When I come home I give him his food and I have my food..but we enjoy the time together..hug
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