Is Improvement, . . Actually, . . a Possibility?

professor , . .Hey, How's it goin?

I'm just wondering, . . right here on this platform, . . .is a communicative vehicle, that reaches around the world,

At certain times of the day,. . . . There are some pretty darn smart people on here, . . . (it's really) true, . . I've seen them, . .

So, . .with a Worldwide Collective Intelligence Quota of immeasurable Capacity, . . .

How Would, . . . YOU, . . . . Improve CS?

Yeah, . . How could, . . you, . . .make it work better,(even if it's only 2 or 3%) of an improvement, . .

I know a lot of folks would rather sit around, . . and cry how lonely they are, . . . .and there is gonna be a few, . . . . that want to sit around, and wait for a nice piece of Perfect, to drop in their Lap, . . . . and maybe a few skeptical folks that gave up, on really findin someone, a long time ago, . . . . . and just want to sit around and joke or critique, . . . . .

and, . . That's all cool, . . .

But, just this once, . . . I'm kinda talkin to folks that are serious, . . . . . .
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i would improve the site, by bringing an advertised list of restrictions, for offences commited, there has to be some clarity, like a set period of restricted access to the site depending on the gravity, of the offence commited, ON SOME TIME SCALE.

at the moment, we have quantanamo bay, politics on C.S. no right of appeal, no idea how long suspension is for, a typical example was the incident, some weeks ago when all the top bloggers on the site were summariley removed from the blogs, any fool can see they are dead since,

the sponsors of the site are recieving numerous complaints, about the blog managers conduct, this is a democratic society, some cognisence of that fact, have to be taken on board, soon.

all 40 top bloggers are now over on facebook, instead of here, where they were giving numerous hours of enjoument to so many people for free, the blogs are the pulse, the life blood of any site, just have a look at the state of the blogs here at the moment, god help C.S. IF THIS IS THE FUTURE.
Thank you very Much, . . this is a vey important topic, . .
and if you let me, . . .I'll throw out a couple ideas for discussion,

Idea #1, .This remains a free site forever, . . but anyone commiting an offense, will be charged a set fine, . .$10., . .$20., . .or even $50, . .for agrevious, and repetative behavior.

Idea #2, Rules must be acknowledged and signed , . . before allowing one to post, . .

Idea#3. Rules displayed more, Expressly, . . .

I don't really have the answers, . . .but i would sure like to work with you to achieve this specific Goal, . . .

I'm going to think further on this, . . . .for sure

and Thank you for your Determined and Genuine, . .commenthandshake
I AM A DEMOCRAT, it cant be easy to run a site of this magnitude, but some clarity would be a lot fairer, and more importanty, would be seen to be fairer, by everybody, on both sides, nothing is gained by being in a vacume, the site is losing all sense of fairness, and no buisness, can long term, ignore the consequences, of resentment, and a feeling of a lack of fair play, if people walking the streets of america were treated in this fashion , they would be in the ''Supreme Court Of The United States of America'', and would win there case.
Mister Tall, . . When you say "Fairness", . . I think you have said, , , what would be a mutual Goal,. . .for all parties involved.

It is definitely, "business speaking", in the best interest of CS, . . to make the site fair for, . . "ALL"

But how would "you" streamline and enforce the proper rules, . . and at the same time, . . .get rid of a few Sour apples?, . . . confused
its not that hard, to draw up a list of offences, and punishments, the punishment, befitting the crime,,,, its not rocket science, but it would make such a difference, to everyones sense of fair play.
Yeah, . . but instead of needing a long complicated list of crime/punishment, . . . . .wouldn't it be a "Lot Simpler" , . .for everyone to respectfully, Obey the Rules, . .

Just a Thought?
blogs are dead, in a straight jacket, they cannot develop, or expand, which they need to, to develop a lively thread, this is the real world, of course there are rules, but the interpritation of them is too straight jacket, no one can say anything, the poetry section and the blogs now appear to be the same place, with politeness, and flowery language the order of the day, the blogs are dying, and most of us are leaving, someone needs to appoint a young up todate blog manager, who has his finger on the pulse, soon.
Oh and for the record, . . .I think you Mr. Tall are kinda the smartest with advice, . . .and definitly the most true and honest in Nature, . . . .handshake
Your thoughts raise a Lot of important points for consideration, . . . ..professor

It's just kinda like, i wasn't really trying to go, "there", . .
with this Blog, . . .

I was searching for, . .possibly more "Unique Ways" of getting some folks, to maybe, "Open Up", . .and be more forthcoming, with their, . . . True thoughts, . .and/or, . Personality, . .
im off to more exciting things, this discussion, is typical of this sites status at the moment, 6 monthsago there would have been 50 comments here by now, just look around you, the 2 of us here talking to ourselves, on the biggest dating site in the world, the blogs are dead, all the top bloggers have been removed, the sponsors as business people, must be delighted.
Mr. Tall, . .
, . . you are indeed Passionate, in your sincere efforts, to strive for a fair and equal voice, in the regulation of your community, and pursuit

of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, which are Held to Be Unalienable Rights. . . . .

Hey Dude, . . Are you sure, you don't have a little American blood, . . in You?, . . . . confused
goodnight jester, there is no one here to blog, they have all left the site, the blog managers have ruined it, over being too zealous, it must be run by the christain alliance, or some such group, everyone is over on facebook, now.
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