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Looked through many profiles - different people stories: funny, easy to read, make smile or serious and thought-provoking. But interesting, many people prefer to speak about thier hobbies and travels and not about themselves. We are not about beer-with-friends and pool-every-day but about fears and hopes, dreams and plans. But we are afraid to even write about this and use hobbies and funny quotes to hide our true self. Here online and offline as well....

Sorry, this is night and autumn :) therefore little melancholic :)
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everyone is unique, but the world is becoming more plastic by the day, people are forgetting how to be real, because of the enviornment they live in, and society as a whole, but there are still some lovely people around, you just have to dig a little deeper these days thats all.
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i believe your looking something like what i write about my friend
that's absolutely true damn your a smart one i'm all like wow no way . lol.
I believe that, all of us here (real people), have many things to give, and many "things" hidden in our souls...!!
You are right, about this..

But do you think, that is a good idea, to expose ourselfs, here in a dating site or better said, in a site where so many and different people, from all over the world, get the chance to meet??

If you ask me, I would take, one step at the time.
Step by step... and with caution...

wine handshake
Hold back on your soft spots (vulnerabilities) until you really get to now one. Trust me. That way you won"t have to move and change your phone number.uh oh sigh
do not mean real exposure but little bored about general stuff. Offline we are exposed to bs people say about themselves here i would like to avoid it.
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