The right time to have sex in a new Relationship

I am asking from all of my SC friends what is the real time to have sex in a new relationship.
What women like ? Are they like to do it soon or later and if later than why ?
blushing doh cheers
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Whenever both people desire it. thumbs up
I agree with the people saying that there is no specific time and
that it has to happens when the people involved want it to happen :)
In my opinion if a mans "main concern" is how quick he will get sex then hes not really interested in a real relationship.
I would rather wait for the right man than waste it on the wrong one..Love in my opinion should come first for "both" people, then the sex comes afterwards..Usually sex is better anyways with two people who are deeply in love. otherwise its just "meaningless sex"..Just my opinion but from what I see many people dont last in relationships because they are in it for the wrong reasons and didnt really fall in "love"..
eh hello excuse me' sex in a relationship NO NOscold my good man' tis not allowed untill you are married professor lordy people these days.. shameful shameful doh doh doh
sex happen just like that, it cant b timed if 2 people feel attracted to each other physically... its only the matter of how well u can control ur self.

if going in to new relationship, just for sex doh
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