my car and i...

right... car... im driving a small local made car, proton. i love it a lot but it always betray me.

to be honest, i know nothing about car except for driving it, fill up the gas and wash it once a month if i remember. i cant drive an automatic car, only manual vehicles for me.

the first i got my car, i leave home 3 hours earlier before work start and leave around 11pm to avoid the traffic. not only traffic, i also try so hard to avoid going up the hill... oh yeah, happen few times when i stalled and cant go up the %@&$ hill and happen few times the red and green lights have changed for 7-8 times but i was still there, cant get the car moving...

after 6 years, u can consider me as a good driver... grin looking at my car condition, well, i tried not to hit the rubbish bin, the sign board, the tree, the gate, the wall and my parents car... at least i tried not to hit the other cars on the road, not yet... hehehehe!!

send the car for service every 5000km... yea, i will send it for service this weekend. promise!! what?? it's still moving... mumbling

anyway, i know nothing about car. i dont even know how to fill in the water for the wiper. errmmm, the lights refuse to turn on, but still, how to open the cover and replace the bulb? owh, the honk is now eternally mute, i tried fixing it, but broke the screw driver and i hit it with my high heels and now its not working at all... frustrated

well, im just a girl... at least i know how to drive right? even though it broke down few times on the highway, run out of gas early morning on the way to work, skidded during rainy days and now it have sounds beneath the car. i'll send it for a check up this weekend.

i was thinking to get a new car, but i still love this little red savvy. its first car and my first love... kiss
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shrewd driver! How about one ride with your Proton? Red make me crazy! how many horses? blues
You have a right plan this weekend.
Hope you get better feeling with your car then.
Buy A BIG OLD AMERICAN MADE LIMOUSINE AND PLEASE DON"T DRIVE IN THE U.S. !! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing teddybear
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