Writings from 9/4/09 while at Sea

Barely. Barely.
Just ever so slightly.
I can feel it.
Softer than the rock of the ship
Much more gentle than the not quite
stomach turning sway.
Table rocks.
Mai Tai
Manchester Orchestra
I feel this.
Right now.
Right here.
Almost as though I'm on the verge.
On the verge of...
So subtle, yet so unavoidably acknowledgeable.
So slight, not simple
and I can't help but notice that it's there.
Magic? no
Mystery? not quite
Troubling? maybe
Thought provoking, definitely.
I can't help but feel that I want to be here.
Maybe not forever, but for some time to come.
Even with the creaking of the ship and the screaming winds of the night,
the not-so-gentle rolling of this ocean bound vessel lulls me back to sleep.
I can't help but love the sea.
Even as the table upon which I write rocks unsteadily with the movement of the ship,
I'm not frusterated, nor irritated.
I am in love with the sea and all that comes with it.
Its generous gifts of life and beauty.
Its nightmarish white caps that cause my sleep to be eventful and broken.
I'm in love with both the life it gives and the life it takes./

I am of the opinion that it is worthless, wasteful, and tragic to love something for only part of what it is. We are not parts. We are whole.
Love is not complete unless it is entirely encompassing.
I believe.
Love is not true, love is not whole, of we only love the parts
the bits and pieces
the fragments.
Love like this should be termed "fragmented love".
Now, this goes to say, that we are totally entitled to our likes and dislikes.
But as to my affore mentioned belief, I am of the opinion that true love is just as rare as true hate.
People will tell you that hate is a strong word.
This, I believe to its entirety.
However, I believe the same should be said for love.
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very interesting writing....

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