true friends ........

one of my best friend sent me this poem when i was sad ,i gratitude him .

True friends will always stay with you,
Through good times and through bad.
They'll take the time to listen,
When something's made you sad.

When you're feeling lonely,
They'll let you know they care.
They may be very busy but,
They'll find the time to share.

True friends are happy for you,
When good things come your way.
They'll celebrate your triumphs
And encourage you each day.

If you have a friend that's true,
Count your blessings for this gift.
For, she will stay with you forever,
When the rest have gone adrift.
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lovely sentiment heliya, yes good friends are like gold, they should be treasured.handshake
Dear heliya,
you have a great friend in the world.
this poem is also wonderful.
you must be happy to been his best friend,and he also same you feel,that's I think when I read his poem.
bless you.
Have A nice weekend.
wine bouquet
Very good friend...and nice poem..hug
I like this poem
and I like

They may be very busy but,
They'll find the time to share.

time is gold, is money hah


true friend will firstly advice
whenever you are mess up.

Just beauty full.

thats the friendship we should all have...

peace and love be with you all.
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