True Story - A funny thing happened on the way to

During the autumn I play softball on 2 teams, Saturday morning double headers and Thursday nights single games.
This is down from 5 total teams (and 7 total games) during the summer.

Now on Thursday nights I play in Neptune, NJ.
It's a little over an hour drive from my home.
I was out most of the day yesterday and left for Neptune
about 4:30 pm.

I drove until I got about 15 minutes from the field and then the 'call of nature' grabbed me. Yep, I had to go to the bathroom...and I don't mean pee.

While driving, I saw signs for a newly opened Walgreens.
For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a pharmacy store that sells many other items. So, I pulled into a
Walgreens parking space and went inside. I grabbed one of their weekly circulars to read, while sitting down and asked the manager where the bathroom is. He pointed the way and I found it. applause

While sitting there, unloading what was left of breakfast & lunch, I read the circular and noticed that large Progresso soup cans were on sale at 4 cans for $5 with a coupon in the circular. That's a pretty good deal, especially for 18.5 oz cans. So after washing my hands and leaving the bathroom, I went to the food aisle to check them out. head banger

Now, I haven't eaten Progresso soups in a very long time,
because like most soups (i.e. Campbells), they contain MSG (mono sodium glutamate), which I do not eat. I either make home made soup, or buy Wolfgang Puck, or Pepperidge Farm soups. But,
I noticed that these new Progresso cans have a white banner on the top which states "No Monosodium Glutamate Added". Cool ! cool
I check the ingredients and lo & behold, they do not contain
MSG, artificial flavors, nor artificial preservatives. Cool again. cool I also noticed that the store usually sells them for $3.19 per can. Thus, I grabbed 4 cans of different types (steak & russet potato, New England clam chowder, chicken with wild rice and pot roast & vegetables) and headed to the check out cash register.

The gal at the cash register scans the cans and places the 4 heavy cans into a plastic bag and then makes THE mistake..... she asks me this ...."would you like me to double bag ?".

I pause a couple of seconds, until she looks straight at me and I say, "that won't be necessary, you're really not that bad looking" and I winked. wink

About 3 seconds go by and then she turns red when she realizes what my retort meant and then starts laughing with her hand over her mouth. The woman behind me in line is also laughing.
I grab the plastic bag & leave them laughing. grin

Oh, by the way, we won the softball game. applause
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what your trying to say jim, in essence, is that you play hardball, with the dames.playball
laugh laugh thumbs up jim sounds like you had a good the humor too.
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