A good partner portrait

The other day I was discussing with a few friends about the characteristics of a lifetime partner.
One of them came up with this slogan
'They must be cool enough to have the guts to be heart driven'

No bad,we replied but what exactly do you mean by that ?

well he said,for me a lifetime partner must :

-be sporty, physically fit, with a passion for healthy lifestyle,

-have chosen a positive attitude( during the downs of life, on the ups everybody does )

-be driven by traditional values (not when is easy ,but when is hard )

-be psychologically balanced

-not be looking for financial rewards as part of the package (if they desire to be regarded as a partner and not as an employee)

-be humble but (extremely) confident ,

-be emotionally and socially intelligent (as defined by Goleman)

-be a skilful and tactful communicator most of the times (some flaws are allowed)

Besides they would be wanting to understand before asking to be understood,

they would know in depth their responsibilites, other than their rights,

they would know the power of laughter and would use it lavishly,

they would be dedicated to growth ,emotional and psychological,

more than status symbols and material stuff.

Ps.no cleaning or cooking is required if in possession of the above features.

Well,I said,I guess you are 'slightly' too demanding , my

dear,a partner of this kind exists only in fairy tales ....
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wave Johnwain

For a minute I nearly fullfilled your friends fairy tale rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

moping Failed on "be psychologically balanced" help

I like to be crazy ,,,,,,, sometimes rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

wine beer drinking drinking handshake hug
yeah...I am Cinderella! anyway good fairy tale!
people change due time or they blown their covers through time, time is the best way to see the true someone. u'll b able to see the true personality of the one u loved doh
wave Living-the-dream,
craziness would be a bonus if you really met all other criteria,
I bet he would be happy to share his madness with yours
comfort hug wine
wave Empy,
if you are Cindarella as you say who is the other lady next to you in the pic? the blue fairy ?:-)
laugh handshake

Yep,, Just checked my C.V. rolling on the floor laughing

cheering cheering wine drinking handshake hug
wave Linzy,

yes people change over time and eventually they get to know each other.They say men get married hoping their wives never changed whilst women get married hoping to change their husbands ...that's why things dont work out laugh confused hug
Living the dream ,
fgs I'm astounded now ! years and years of tireless searching in the real world with scarse results and in just 2 hrs on Cs we found one.Pls do not move, I'll get my friend for you wink wine laugh bouquet
wave Johnwain

rolling on the floor laughing Slow down b4 you go conversing your friend confused

What makes you think confused I don't have a criteria
to fill tooconfused
He may know what he's looking for,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So do I,,,,,,wine drinking
wave Hey Livingthedream,

actually i was only introducing you to him so that you can sort out your respective criteria,but if you dont want to,no worries...

you can tell me then, I ll be his agent laugh

pls go ahead my dearhandshake
rolling on the floor laughing ok Johnwain

You can be the agent, but no fee's allowed scold
my dear Ltd,
it's incredible how quickly the word agent triggers the word commission is not it ? laugh
and how fast commissions spreads out that sickening feeling of money wasting dont they ? laugh

on second thought Mrs Ltd, I think I 'll be you guardian Angel then ...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
hug Awwww thanks
Bet you look cute in wings angel
ohh merci mon cherie,

I'll be waiting your ideal partner specifications then...to see if my friend can still Live the dream with you ...wink wow hug
conversing No secrets,, its about the same spec doh
mmh that's exactly what I thought,yet it is that 'about' that worries me quite a bit ,s'il vous plait madame Ltd ....votre coordonnes complete ..wine wink bouquet
confused Its exactly the same

with the added bonus

2 arms, legs, a head, with a body to connect things,, Oh and

He can Iron too!!doh
that's interesting, you want to know if he can iron ?
I think he uses laundries offhandedly more than his beloved glorious iron and actually I think one of his best friends is a lovely laundry owner...
confused grin
That might do confused I hate Ironing doh
I'm sure that if you have all the above characteristics he will not dream of letting you even approach something similar to an iron ...laugh handshake
frustrated yes, well, he'd have to be real & not virtual doh
laugh so you seem to like him and want to meet him,right ?

I think it s the right moment to talk about my commissions thenrolling on the floor laughing
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
go on then make me laugh more rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
and like a hawk seizing its catch, the ruthless agent foretastes his commissionrolling on the floor laughing ... be happy only kidding
I'm always happy rolling on the floor laughing cheering rolling on the floor laughing
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