Really about last night I am not a scammer believe mecomfort lips
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wave Andrea01

confused it was'nt you that sent that mail on my blog thendoh frustrated rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
living the dreamconfused dunno
Well noooo I didn't
it wasent me because im captured, so who done it, ?dunno confused
I have had only mail from scammers for about four weeks now....Quit chasing me Andrea!!!laugh laugh laugh
I no its not fair...why they are like that!frustrated frustrated
Any way its a bit early now but cheerswine
nice try but i know your all scammers every single one of you are after one thing and one thing only . i'm trickier that i look you guys will never get my book of fart jokes .
well not medancing dancing dancing tongue
you look pretty,sweet&attractive,i dont think that you are a scammer but i hope you are for true,thats the important issue here.teddybear
Hi, Andrea...I'm not a scammer too...I'm real..I get also a lot of messages..but..I have fun..wine hug
have been on this site for 6 months now and the only contact i have had is from oversea's scammers.have not had any contact from anyone from my own country.here's to hoping some thing may happen
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