If you don't want to cry. Skip this one :(

The first time I heard this song I couldn't stop crying crying
Then I got really very mad very mad then some bourbon comfort
........How could someone!!!!

.........How would you answer her question?
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wave Musicman99

oui j'ai pleuré, tellement triste mais vrai du monde où nous vivons, qui le rend triste

I would find it difficult at that time, what do you tell a child of lifes horrors dunno
One for you musicman, jaime ca,, I like it crying

wine beer handshake hug
Thanks Dream. That was a good son cheers
sad song but very nice song and a very meaningful song for a dad on his lovely daughter...thanks for sharing musicmancheers sad flower
lie is worse,lie is fake,lie is destroy our humanrelationship..
this song teaching lie is how people hurts so deeply.
music man,I don't dring cuz of allergic skin.
but now drinking tea. comfort hug teddybear
Thank you.
Thanks Jeddah and Pink. The saddest songs are usually the most meaningful. I am glad I am not allergic. Bailey's Irish Cream rules. I'm allergic to seafood though blues
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