Your wasting your time!!!

You will never find true love by using the internet!!!so instead of of being lazy over a computer and getting messages from scammers u better get your a** out there and find your true love!!! Even though u will NEVER find your true love will find some good friends and have a great time here..!!!

hate me or love me but it's the truth!!cheers
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Never say "NEVER"!!!
So why are you on this site then? I know people who have found true love on here....... What lets you down is your attitude I think..........
thats not true, i know a lot of people who met through internet and married, i found my gf. here and we are thinking to get marry, eventhough we dont live in the same county-england-turkey... that is very possible.
i met my partner here so i dont agree. plus i dont think im being "lazy" either thank you
you are damn right, mister! cheers
I choose to stop here! let' stop hunting and catch some fun! drink pouring aaa.. btw sorry for my rude words!handshake
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