something's not right!!

I remember when i first joined this site there were some really interesting and friendly people they're all gone..confused . It's like each month people are leaving and new ones come, what is wrong???? did they find their soulmate ( which i doubt) or did they just gave it up!!?????????
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You are absolutely right. It is very hard to find true people, sincere people,, very hard. nope, I don't think most of these people found their soulmate. I always see the same people just keep looking but again, it is so hard an honest person,,,
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Peut-être qu'ils sont toujours làconfused

avec un nouveau visage
playball rolling on the floor laughing wink
I think, you'd be happy that they gave it up. So you have much more chances laugh dancing
dating sites do work, i met a guy ona dating site once and we were together for three years so dont give up, i have also made some great friends along the way that have become my friends out of the computer screen
there are a lot of sincere geniune people on these places but i must admit i am loving it here on this one, your all fab cheering
I am afraid sth not right with you not this site.
Since so many changes like that you are still with us. yay
yeah,i agree.i registered last spring.i honestly didnt check my mail here,but i remember there being "real" people on theres a lot of scammers.the pictures are nice,but they always want you to hit them up on IM,email or a 5 digit text.i dont fall for it though.if someone is really interested they would leave their phone number or want to meet after a few messages.
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