Here is.......My favorit song.


Thank John.
Give me your five.

Have A great day friends.
teddybear teddybear teddybear
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Still unthinkable after enjoying it. cool
im glad you liked it my friend i love it
you should listen to the whole album its great my friend its called element of freedom alicia keys
wave nice,, Jaime ça thumbs up
hehhehhhe still unthinkable......grin
Thank you for coming.
bouquet cheers
Thank you jooooooooooooohn. I Love this song too.
yep,I already check the Album and go get it rightaway.
teddybear peace cheers
youl love it
Hi,I love you living.
thank you for coming.
teddybear yay teddybear
I will be sure to love it john.
kiss kiss kiss
de rien Coral

love u 2 babe hug kiss
got worng your name.
sorry,still unthinkable........I don't know even my name.doh
handshake teddybear
J'aime ton sourire. bouquet bouquet
Merci toujours. kiss
Vous êtes un merveilleux ami de la mienne.
teddybear teddybear

tu me dire, vous,,,,, pas vous,,,,,,

c'est tu ou toi,,

parce-que tu etes un bien amie
No. It is my nick not my name.
You are wrong again. cool
you got me......
rolling on the floor laughing laugh laugh
teddybear teddybear
Dear livin,
vous aurez une bonne journée.
merci beaucoup.
hug hug
cool cool cool .........
how are you liking the cd pink
Hi john,
I couldnot get it today.
will go tommorow or this weekend.
I was gonna ask you what else recomended?
cuz I will go and buy some music(CDs) in one time.
grin grin grin
leona lewis is good
let me go check to youtube.
what is the title of the Alubum or song?
idea super thanks
leona lewis album 1 spirit album 2 echo
I've been looking for another one.

John,I knew that song.
she is cool.
sprit.......never gone

Thank you very much much much.
teddybear teddybear teddybear
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