The hearts of human can be so cruel sometimes

Yesterday i accompanied my uncle wife to the supermarket. She was a bit low on Jamaican cash so we went over to the cambio to change some us$ (my uncle's wife is an American). The cambio is also in the supermarket and it is operated by the said owner of the supermarket.

While we were there waiting i overheard the owner of the supermarket wife argueing with one of the worker. The owner's wife was very upset that the worker did not turn up for work the day before because he was sick.
The worker had fever, diarreohea and vomiting so he had call in sick but the boss insisted that he should still come to work and because he did not obey his bosses request they fire him.

Before he left the office i heard the boss forcing him to write a resignation letter. The boss knew that the worker had been working with them for many years so they would have to pay him some money after firing him and this is why they were forcing him to write the resignation letter. When the worker refuses to write the letter he was threaten by the boss.

According to information recieved, the worker live many miles away from the supermarket and had to travel in a taxi to get to work. His duty at the supermarket is to weight flour,sugar,rice,cornmeal in two to ten pounds bag then pack them on the shelf. He also help to unload delivery trucks at the supermarket. Some of the other workers refused to comment as they were scare of losing their job meanwhile some hid and talk about it.
If he had obeyed his bosses wishes he would have mess himself, the taxi and other passenger up. I am not even sure if the boss knew that when a person have vomiting or diareohea he/she should be dismiss from work especially those that are handling food items.
It's very sad to know that even if you are sick and dying, I thought the days of slavery were over but it's still here. The poor can suffer sometimes in the hands of the rich.

It's very sad to know that this young man lost his job because he was sick for a day
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Most attacks these days are so sophisticated and deceptively subtle that most go undetected by the masses of people who are just not "on point" in their private lives. It really takes a person to really live "in the zone" to be able to protect themselves twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.....and being that we are only human and not perfect, there are times when we will allow certain things to get past our defenses.

Never feel bad when it does...just make sure that you have learned from it and you will never let it happen again.

Do not let anyone capitalize on the vulnerabilities that you may have. Spiritual vampires are notorious for "pushing your buttons" in order to keep you in check for their benefit. Think for yourself and make sure that everything that you partake in is something that you TRULY want to indulge in!

Take care my friend comfort
@ Mikels: Thank you for your advice but i get to understand that this boss enjoy taking advantage of his workers. He work them overtime and then refuses to pay them for the extra hours and a few of them that he fire was working with him for several years and because he did not want to pay them he tell lies on them that he caught them stealing.
A worker at the same supermarket was kind enough to show me a video clip on his phone. On the video was the boss telling another worker to put items in a cashier bag so he could get to fire her.
I do care about other people feelings and i hate to see my fellow brother or sister treated like an animal
It's very disheartening SHAN blues.... But that's what the Tap Dancing Zombies With A Stolen Conscience can do to their fellow human being.....

And to you that call yourself a corporate Hustler.

But you don't have the money to be able to experience real living, but you call yourself a hustler....... Please people take note!.... These goons corporate hustlers "hustle" you because they have you on the corner risking your freedom for a new pair of shoes or a new car,(Diamond lace tooth cap) or a gold or platinum chain (Looks more like a noose to me!)... Hustler' you so eagerly poison those in your very community for a profit. You have absolutely NO sensible plan for the empowerment of yourself, your family or your community what so ever. You are a drain to the very people that you claim to love!. devil
most business owners only care if your problems effect them in an immediate sense . i worked for a company for 6 years from 6 a.m. to usually around 8 or 9 p.m. skipped vacations come back early from vacation twice because they needed me . usually had sundays off well most of the time anyway after the divorce i didn't see any point in working so much i told my supervisor he had 3 months to hire people for me to train so they could work another shift because in 3 months i will not work any overtime . they didn't take it to heart or thought i was bluffing anyway after the 3 months i stopped working over . it didn't take them but about 2 and a half weeks to fire me .
@ Adam, That was very cold and heartless. Its things like this that drove me to wanna start my own busisness and trust me i am working on it.
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