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Most people have s*xual fantasies; yet few people talk about them, either to their partners or to anyone else. A story by Nancy Friday, author of My Secret Garden: Women's s*xual fantasies, explains why. She confided to her partner that while making love to him, she had been fantasying about the legendary footballer George Best. Visualising the sleek, elegant Irishman dancing down the wing in his red Man U shirt made her wild with excitement.

this is a serious subject..anyoe willing to discuss?professor
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wave wildprotector

It is not taboo, when people are comfortable with themselves and others,,,

You do not say,, her partners reactionconfused dunno

unless they are shared they cannot be experienced applause
dear mr.wild protector,if you are my hubby and we are making love and iam imagining someone elses,,,how does you you feel if i will tell you,,,a man is an egoestic animals,,would you be happy about your wife fantasizing others while she is with you?damn,,thesame thing goes with a woman,,if youre fantasizing other woman,,men,,i just cant imagine your subject here in here..being honest to your partner doesnt include things that will gonna hurt him/her;;;wow,,i thought youre a protector,but guess not,,sory sir doh comfort sad flower
fantasy is not about the man u see, but what you do and what excites u..so u can think about ur husband doing ur fantasy,,u missed the point completelyyawn
There are many fantasies Mr Wild,, sista Jed was speaking of one of them,, is this not a discussion confused dunno
Hi dear Wild... May I ask: Why should I share my fantasy with my partner??? A fantasy is something private and what makes it exciting is the fact that it is a fantasy! If I share it with my partner, he'll either mind, or try to participate (meaning, try to be part of it)... The outcome is not always the ideal one...And on the other hand... I am sure he already is part of the "good time", even without knowing what I've got in mind... Same applies for him... He may be fantasizing a tall blonde sexbomb... Even if I don't know that (or because I don't know that), the result is fantastic for both of us! If I did know, and since there's no way I can fit to the description of a tall blond sexbomb, I would most probably mind and not enjoy...

Hmmmmm... Hope I didn't confuse you...I'm afraid I didn't express my self clear enough...frustrated
The most of our fantasies are not allowed to come out. The last time I ask my partner to share her fantasies with me, I was regreting for two months. Don't open pandora's box LOL
Sharing fantasies, or as some have said "opening Pandora's Box" is not for everyone. Some people/couples can do this and not have adverse effects from this being shared. Others... well, it can distroy a relationship or make it stronger.
I do believe it takes a very special relationship to be able to handle the opening of PANDORA's BOX. Both parties should be aware that they must be able to handle whatever comes out. Both parties must accept each other for who they are and what they have together.
I only know of 1 maybe 2 couples that can do that. How about you?
I want to share my fantasies with my partener..and he ..his fantasies with me..why not??
Does that have a bad influence to our relationschip??
I think not...if we are real parteners and we really love each other , for each other and not in a selfish way..
Shall I hide something from him??..I think not..if he really loves me and wants me to be happy..
Must he hide something from me?? ..I think not..If I want him happy I have to understand him...

My opinion friends...I'm flexible and open....wine
It happened to me to imagine another man (or better to day to wish another man instead of the present one) only once in my life - when the present lover was sooooo extraordinary bad that after many years I still remember how bad it was


cheers cheering
rolling on the floor laughing offf Kat uh oh sorry mister, I'm not gauzy!
if you cannot share your fantasies with your partner, you are living a lie, in the most intimate moments of your life,,,,,, if that is a relationship, that you have to hide things, i think its not good, and it wouldent be for me, not to share, now can i put on the bat-man suit. LOL
not too much s*xual fantasies, laugh laugh my sex nerves were broken all grin bouquet hug
wave wow Hi Reza,Wildprotector,i clearly remember YOUR fantasies...........comfort Keep making me laugh with your blogs.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Sure, why not, I'd be thrilled to hear that while making love to me, my partner is actually imagining himself with one of those porn stars... doh While I value honesty, some things are better left unsaid. I know what I'm talking about, been there and wore the T-shirt (and am obviously single now).
Nice new pic REZAwave Where was that really takendunno local marketconfused yay Anyway,i now give to the whole world your number and they can call you if they need help with s*xual fantasiesdoh okthumbs up here it isgrin 00989359885354peace So stay by the phone honey u gonna be busyrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing I will check in several times and hey you still have my numberkiss And blocking me is so very childish.You cant block and blogbanana
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