I'd Rather Believe In True Love

Very recently, someone said to me, "You are
a dreamer, dreaming with your eyes closed.
What's all this talk about finding a soul
mate and true love? There is no true love
and there are no soul mates. There is only
sex, and when that goes bad, then you get
someone else and get better sex."

So began a lively discussion of something
that is very dear to me. He was a fellow
prisoner, one who I would say hardly ever
smiles. Now I found out why he never smiles.
His attitude towards life was pretty sour.

"I have to disagree with that." I said,
"You've got it all wrong. Sex is actually
an expression **OF** love, and therefore
it is something that is empty if you try
to do it with someone that you don't love.
And as for your idea that there is no true
love or soul mates, then how would you
explain the fact that some people stay
married for 40 or 50 years or more? You
got some scrambled brains there, dude."

Then he looks at me like I have 2 heads,
and says "If they stayed together for 40
or 50 years, then the sex must have been
really great!" I sighed. Some people
just don't get it. No wonder the guy
never smiles. He ain't got nothing to
smile about thinking the way he does.

An attitude like that is worse than a
life sentence would be (and I'm glad I
don't have a life sentence!) I'd rather
believe in true love. I'd rather believe
there is a soul mate out there for me
somewhere and someday I will find her.

When I see the love light in my own
parent's eyes for each other even after
28 years, it fuels the fire of this belief.
When I see my sister's family and how much
her husband still loves her after 15 years
of marriage, I admit - this gives me alot
of hope. I have yet a brother who has been
with his wife for 9 years, and they are as
happy together now as they were when they
first got married - and probably even more.
Again, this gives me incredible faith that
I will surely find a true love for myself too.

Martin Luther King said, "Faith is taking
the first step, even when you can't see the
whole staircase." I would add to this that
sometimes the first step is simply believing.

I'd rather believe in true love.
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I have had the same conversation with some of my friends. It is sad that "Love" & "Sex" mean the same thing to some people. I hope that one day you find your true soul mate & live in true love & happiness!!
wave donniedavenport

Too many people fear the commitment,, confused It is too easy to walk away from a relationship, than have the courage to stay

"We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our sucess".....Henry David Thoreau

handshake cheers hug
leaping in the dark, at my age, really, anything could happen, LOL
beautifully said

i have experianced true love and your right there is nothing more special than finding someone you love more than anything, i still hold out hope i will experiance such love again

good luck with your search teddybear
wow maybe you should of believed in true love before you murdered someone.doh i just read your profile then put your name into the IDOC inmate search . your out date is 2022 the only thing i could guess is your friend or family made this profile for you. comfort you should be more honest jmo it's not fair to someone who is looking now.conversing wave
i think i sheded a tear. perfectly said. teddybear
My profile is very honest. I never, ever, ever
have tried to hide the fact that I am an inmate.
I can only have access through a friend. I would
never lie to anybody. My profile is very clear
that I am an inmate. It is not deceptive in any
that's fair enough donnie im not trying to beat someone when their down here. i did like your blog your paying for your crimes but the person you murdered you think they'll ever find true love again on this planet anyway ? it's jmo im not god you seem to be going in a positive direction . honestly im suprised how honest you are about your situation . lucky you did your deeds before truth in sentencing took effect professor that guy going to hawaii is the poster child for that. i think you know what im talking about . i'll bet your over the moon you don't have a life sentence you got something to look forward to. freedom . dancing
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