Last Night, . . was kinda interesting, . . .

Last night, I kinda went out, to a decent upscale, small restaurant, and kinda had a real, real, cute little waitress, . . that I had seen there, once before, and smiled at . . . .
When asked where, I would like to sit, . . I said, “ah, I’ll sit just about, anywhere you really want me too, . . . . as long as you're, gonna be my waitress?’

And, as I went to sit down, and took off my coat, I kinda looked down at my shirt, and realized,(kinda paniced), that I was in the same clothes, that I had worn for the last three days, and I had forgotten to shave, and shower for a couple days too, . . . . . But, (it was way too late, for deodorant, this time)

After she recited all the specials, I kinda joked about her recommendations, and told her “I would trust her judgment, . . . just this one time.”
We traded names, and she told me, Lindsy and, that her twin that also worked there, was Courtney,
I guess I just had to ask, “you’re not gonna play any tricks on me, by substituting your twin, are you?” She says “no, we don’t play games like that” . . .and the first tap on the shoulder.
After that, she kinda called me by my first name, at least four separate times.
Also, upon serving me my entrée, she mistakenly, . kinda took my bread plate and knife , . . . along with it, . .
So I kinda asked for a knife, and she brought back a steak knife, for flaky striped Bass, (fish), . . .
After askin me if I would have dessert, . . .I kinda had to mention “lookin at a fat old man like me, do you really have to ask?” Another tap on the shoulder, . . .
And when she came back with the check, . . I went, “A nice, sweet, petite, tiny little girl like you, just has to rub it in, to all us, old, fat, people”
I said, “you can’t be any more than 95 pounds soakin wet”, . . she says, “she wishes” and third tap on the shoulder.
Then kinda after she goes to bring back my change from the check, . . .she ends up walkin over to the wrong table with it, and catches herself, at the last minute, . .
. . . . Then as I’m leavin to go out the exit, kinda waitin to wave goodnight, . . . . . she has her back to me, and talkin to another little waitress, who is lookin straight at me, . . . .and then, . . Lindsy darts into the kitchen without looking back, . . As if, . . She was a little embarrassed, . . . . .

The cute little Lindsy looked to be in her twenties, . . . Half my age, . . . . But she was very, very, cute, . . . . and very, very petite, . . and unfortunately, very, very, young, . . . . . .

. . . I was never really allowed to joke with waitresses before, . . . . . .but last night, . . was kinda, . . . . fun, . .

PS, . . .I am not gonna pursue this, . . .but it got me thinking, , . . kinda, . . doh
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I definitely wouldn't want somebody young enough to be
my daughter. What would we talk about? I guess it
might be flattering if somebody that young was liking
me, but I wouldn't go for it. It sounds like you are
having reservations about that too. There's no harm
in joking around and stuff like that though. I do
think there are young girls who want much older guys
out there though. I guess you will have to decide if
you want that or not. I'd rather have someone I can
have something in common with and talk to easily.
Somebody too young would not interest me at all.
There's no real harm in flirting a long as you don't read too much into it, nor push it to where the other person feels uncomfortable in a negative way. Indeed, it's good that you are coming out of your shell. Just learn from it, keep the sense of humor, and apply it a little more subtly to more appropriate partner(s). Have fun ! peace
Mister Donnie, . .
The one big positive, about young women is kinda, . .they really enjoy learning about life, . . and they're not so cynical and skeptical about life, . . yet.

If they are intelligent, . .you always have someting to talk about, . . . . Wisdom isn't governed by years, . .dunno

And youth, innocence, and dreams, . . . are definitely One Heck of a Major turn on, . . . . . dancing

Some times as we grow older, . . .with so much resposibility and baggage piled on, . . . . we sadly, . . . kinda forget how to dream, . . moping
Mister Jim, . . .
I might have kinda, come out of my shell, . . about twenty years ago, . . . cool

Although, . . I was never totaly, kinda, . . Legally single, . . in thirty years, . . I was kind of prone to give into a little temptation, . . .back in my youth, . . . dunno

kinda,. . .old memories are kinda, . . coming back, . . rather quickly, . . . cool

I guess, . . coming on this site, . . With my crazy, "Honesty and Truth philosophy", . . .is definitely opening my eyes, . . professor
@Mr ajester22,
Always reflect on your personal past so that old situations that may be outdated to others can continuously teach you about you. you made it clear for us to understand that we all have things that make us the people that we are.

Is looking back a bad thing?
They Sometimes say that looking back is a bad thing.dunno
Mr. Mikels, . . .
I really must say, . . .You are one eloquent, Son of a gun, . handshake

Your level of vocabulary, obvious education, and apparent grasp, of the situation at hand, . . . renews my current, . . . but almost shaken faith,. . . in the true integrity, . . and future well being, . . of Mankind, . . . .(in other words, . .your all right, dude)wink

Actually, . . Looking Back, . . can really, really, really be painful. . . .
I kinda know, I can take almost any type of Physical pain, . . that God, . angel . . .and/or the Devil, ..devil . can dish out, . . . .

but, . . .

When ya look back on a lifetime, of possible mistakes and/or missteps, . . . . that you might have made, . . under a microscope, in the light of Day, . . . . . .well dude, . . .you're lookin at a whole new level and meaning, of the Word Pain. . . . .doh

Yep lookin in the rear view mirror, for to long, . . can be Bad.
@ajester,...........................LOL rolling on the floor laughing , But what was her motivation for even DOING such a thing? This transpired with one of my tenants literally EVERY DAY!
conversing rolling on the floor laughing
laugh I think that the older waitress was married, or had a friend..the young one was just you..

What's wrong on this?::confused: laugh

I think you're lucky...grin

By the way I like dirty clothes also..and man not showered about three days..rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Mister Flog, . . .
I think I really need, . Mr Mikels help, . . . to kind of explain, . . a little woman's "Motivation," . . to you.

Little women can be really complicated, sometimes, . . . . .but other times, . . .it's really, really, really Simple, . . smitten
Actually Sweet Keesy,

they didn't really have, any older witresses there, . .dunno

And if you really like dirty clothes, and a man not showered for about three days, . . . . .

Just wait till ya see me, . . after three weeks, . . with no shower and shave, . . . uh oh
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