Real women please stand up.

Are there any real women on this site? I'm new to this site and all the mail I'm getting is from scammers. Who wants to weed
through all this crap. You can spot a scammer right off the bat so I just play them at their own game. My question is why bother if that's all the e-mail you're getting. What do you think?
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i think most of the blogs/forums are about scammer we all forgot why we here,hehe! we fighting and infection called spam/scam! conversing super
<smile> Well, we all get our fair share of scammer's for sure but sound like u r spending way too much time entertaining them. Report them to CS and get back in the water.

My blocked list is longer than my friends list but trust me there r some, "REAL" nice folks here...Spend some time on the forums and u will find many nice folks there.....Good Luckhandshake
wave I'm standing over here! Guess we can't see each other due the distance in between - the story of my CS life.
Good luck and stop talking about what you don't want cos you're just getting more of it (scam) bouquet
I am still somewhat new to this site as well. My mailbox has been loaded with scam/spam too. I don't waste my time with them. Just block them & keep right on hunting. There seem to be many nice people on this site. Give it some time & enjoy this place.
Standing up, sitting down, standing up...
Hello. I am new here, too but had a really bad experience with 3-4 scammers but I never got scammed because I didn't send any money no matter how sweet the talk is, and even if I stand to lose the guy(s) whom I have fallen in love with. You may go to my blogs and read my story. I have given up my search for some time, thats why I pulled out my photo----seems like I dont meet real, true and sincere gentlemen.

Remain on this site with hope. Am still hopeful. At present, loveless and searching...
we are out here its just finding the one thats right for us, i believe there is someone out there for everyone its just not getting caught by the wrong ones
good luck in your search teddybear
I ask them what their passions are and they usually don't come back, but if they do, I block em and report em...Now I'm getting fewer and fewer....GL to you
I'm real!! but not sure what good it's doing me uh oh

Getting real tired of scammers contacting me frustrated

WARNING: if you miss spell your messages or they are worded really weird, I'm going to think your a phony.

Come on if your real, don't you want to make a good impression? Put some effort into it, at least use spell check.

@ faded_dino

Good idea, I will try that thumbs up
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