I would rather hear a broken record preach every Sunday the same thing in the Love of Christ vs a con artist talking non sense that frustrates and burdens the people in need of relief. I go to Christ for relief and lost of burden in that love security blanket .................... isn't that God's main desire for His people?? SURE IT IS. I came to a reality, Charles you better learn to pat yourself on the back and say I am good enough because no one else will and let God's love bring the evidence of that, JESUS MADE US ALL GOOD ENOUGH. Trick is this, we have to accept and allow His Love in our lives that's the key and the rooted people of steal Salvation. And yeah modern times call for higher thinking, learn some psychological methods con artist use not to fall for the BS.

The solution for the plank and log parable and judging each other nit picking each other to insanity. Preach Grace that ends all judging and Grace changes us and Grace gives people a conscience and a root and ability to make good choices. Key words in sermons I pray God's Grace brings you folks conviction on the sins our generation practices. When I had my 360 experience and turned from all my bad habit's it was because of God's love, not someone's preaching or fear tactic's because I saw the realness of God in His love and that gave me reason to want to rid bad habits.

So if you have a problem with someone their attitude or the way they live their life, pray Father God can you please lead this person to your Love to change their ways. And guess what?? what you done is leave that person with free will and a choice as God planned for us all. Only forced order we have to obey is the laws of the land and if we break those laws, old saying goes do the crime get caught gotta do the time. I would love to live in a world with no crime or hate and peace and people getting along. Can't let my wants hurt me on that one.............. but nothing wrong with starting by being somewhat of a trustworthy good person yourself to pave the way for others. Simple things really make a big difference, we make our own hell making things more insane than what they really are. GOD SENSE 1O1 GOD'S LOVE IS THE KEY TO HAVING A HOPE THAT IS ALWAYS THERE, NOT ONCE DID I ASK LORD I NEED YOU HE DIDN'T SHOW UP AND GIVE ME PEACE IN HIS SPIRIT APPLY THAT IT WORKS
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Goatee can you tell me, are you one of those guys who goes preaching the gospel on the street corner?
When people are out and about they are buzy and won't respond.
Church gatherings, online blogs, things people like to read during lunch sounds civil and without bugging folks agree??
You can share your wisdom on the things of Christ
without bugging people, give them a choice to read
or not.

have a good week
Fair enough. A good week to you too.
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