How can we know a true religion among the very man

Any idea on this matter ? Is it sometimes bothering you to choose which one you want to join ?
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you can be spiritual, without needing formal religion, which is just another form of politics,,,,, what a load of rubbish, and useless mantra, it is anyway,,,,,,, a moment of quiet reflection, is better than any religious service, and far more meaningful.
(not looking at Ben) The good book says to judge its fruit! Is the gifts of God there, is there love? God is love.
If u dont no which religion to join. Don't join any, just do good wid ppl, give rights to ur neighbours n relatives, keep other ppl secure from ur tongue n hands, help everyone in everything. You urself will feel satisfied n proud. Dats it hug
Religion is just a mean for the need of a higher being, the superman theory ... Its just the branches of the same tree. Aslong as it doesnt deceived and hurt others and spread love arround the globe thats okay with me.
Hey climaxy.I agree with Calliopesgirl,don't judge someone because of their religion but see the heart
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