Nearly 2011

Hi everyone

This is my first writing in blog? (may be just writing here, other could be poem?...can't remember anymore)...

Anyway, just wanna sharing to you about the year will gone, 2010. Its close (in more then 1 month) we will face 2011. Its feel so quick to me. what you think?...

In my opinion, and to what happen in my country, on climate changed, is getting terrible. actually i want to say scary, but i kinda don't like the words. so "terrible" is fine.

Well, i don't wanna write to long. Just wanna ask you here, about any plan you, what you been through on 2010, is there any luck you get and wanna get, or bad luck? how about love life? how about your wish....

i personally, just lost another love...been contacting for nearly 8 month, and he just not sure. well, i never feel down, one gone the other will rise up. But we still in good friend...i don't wanna hate anyone, nor i want to feel revenge...not anymore. even to a SCAMER out there....hello are welcome to scamm me tho' but i knew how to reply and how to recognize, welcome. Coz more we hate you, more you come close to us (real people)....
SO its ok to all of you SCAMMER, who want to marry me, send me blank ticket, blank bank note (or whatever), ask me to come to your country as you too rich and need nanny... mumbling...nanny?????....i even ask my maid here to look after my kid???? can i be a nanny for your kids???.....

anyway, sorry for my worse English (its not my first language anyway?)....but hope all of you understand this, read this, shares with me, what ever you like....think of this, i open this as your first "imaginary" plan for 2011.

Have a great Night (night here, when i wrote here is 11.20) and great day to you who are in a different zone.


teddybear heart wings heart beating bouquet cheers
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Well Sweet Star, . .
It's 11;09 AM, . . here in America, . . . .

and i don't think I have many plans for 2011, . . yet, .
.I just want to make it, safely through 2010, . . . moping

Congratulations on your first Blog, . . .. yay

They say, You'll always remember, "your first time", . .ok?cool
Hi Jester

Thank for reply. i will remember this yes...

good day for you there in USA. well, just wondering how now a days, day - week - month and year past so quick...i do have some plan yes, but mostly about my work/career first...then love life. i still thinking about love life tho' as we can not be so arrogance to denied it right? all of human need the basic though in life after success, the feeling of love and be love.

ok talk to you later, its getting midnight here, need to sleep now. work tomorrow...byeee and thank you...

Dcheers teddybear
Sweet Sensitive Stary, . .
, . .I kinda had to stop back by, . . and kinda let ya know how this works, . . .professor

You got a lot of guys out here, checkin you out cause you got a lot of views, . . . .professor

The only problem, is most of the Dudes on here are kinda shy at first, . . .so they were kinda scared to approach such a Pretty young lady, . . .doh

Yep, . . . All these shy dudes, . . just wanted me, . . .to let ya know, . . . . ok?cool
Hi Jester

Thank you....

I wanna say thank also to all people who view my blog tho'. they don't need to reply me if they don't want to, but at least i shares mine tho'?.

Like you, thank for your comment, as its give me inspiration to fix what i need to or to get better to approach guys??batting giggle giggle

Have a great day Jester...and thank for comment me.cheers
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