23/11 What I am looking for

I am NOT looking for
- love because love is indefinitive
- one's life because my life is messy enough
- sex because sex can be bought
- fun because it doesn't last long.

So what I am looking for!?
I am looking for
- share and being shared
- sorrow reduction half when I feel painful
- Joy double when I feel happy
- bright shining star in the North when I get lost in life.

What are you looking for!? teddybear
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sigh just happiness from little things yay
I'm looking for help when I need..that may be a friend..

heart beating hug
looking for my santa and reindeer.cool
santa waving reindeer
im looking for a new job, perhaps overseas... and most importantly, looking for someone to share his life with me, forever, eternally, happy ever after, till death do us part... blues
Yeah right. empyrean. If life is a series of little happy things will be also great. wish you always have a lot lot little things to be happy with. dancing
Thank you, too! hug
That's a true friend not simply a friend keesy45.
A friend in need is a friend in deed.
Hope you get one and not only one, the more the better for you I wish.peace
Oh! no Pinkcoral. Santa is an old guy living in a cold pole.
I am younger, more handsome, stronger than that guy driving in Prius instead of that old reindeer. yay
Ms Bigcity_kl, I wish you find all out one by one soon. cheers
If you come to Vietnam and look for one of those I can help you to look around for a while.teddybear
Nice thought but far away from my philosophy...
I am not looking for anything, I am trying to live with what I have, and I try to live for today, not for tomorrow...
because looking for sth makes us people not present in time and not living now, when is to me.. it makes me as robot, as machine, as I forget that how priceless is every second of ours screwed lives, and how life is too short to spend it in searching for something.
Yes ginakatina, Ms Macedonian

Enjoy every day of life is great. Let's do it.
today is a gift that is why it is called present.
So why don't we enjoy every gift of our life. cheers

Looking for does mean purposes/goals,objectives or targets of one's life or a term of one's life.

Everyone should have one or more purposes for his/her life or at a certain term of life. It is also associated with long term or short term plan.

I hope that you have some for your life and wish all that you can achieve. peace
ya i think 3/4 of the men on dating sites are just looking for meaningless sex..My opinion is I wasnt born on earth to be "used" for someones satisfaction..Right now I'm just looking to make some friends and maybe some day if the right man comes into my life who is real I might give my heart to him but untill then I'm not falling for players, scammers and non datable guys.
I have too much respect for myself to fall for that now. To each his own though and if someone wants those things they can have it but not with me..lol.. thumbs up
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My bunny said that she wants a prius for the christmas present.
and this squirrel said that prius already is in my parking space,someone posted comment to my blog. cool
Thank you.
Ms Swissblueeyes thumbs up
I am lucky that I am always of 1/4 of 1/4 of 1/4...by your division. cool

I wish you will get that man of your 1/4 of 1/4 of 1/4... in your life someday not long away. cheers
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