what do u think about autistic

ehm... i have autistic students.
he naughty
he likes to shout in class, like to eat lunch classmates, he can't be silent etc..
i dont know.. how can he still school in normal school...
she mom say, maybe if that child school in normal school, he can be normal student....

wow doh

i dont know..

dunno confused
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I know autistic boy. he has short concentration. it's quiet difficult to talk with him.
but he has nice family and give him chance for playing Golf. 2 or 3 years later. he is better than the first day i met.

and I think, you can discuss with his family to heal him.
If he can find the thing he like, he will be smart person.

one Thai boy, who is autistic,
he can know all calender. he knows the date / day in anytime.
I mean, he can know which date of 4 February on 1935 within 1 or 2 minutes.
he is very very special person.
it's all depend on his family and teacher.

@waawaa : thank u .. i have talk with her mother...but she not too concerned, she only cares about her job. she is doctor .

that autistic students not naughty if i stay in classroom. i just teach he once a week. he just like study english.
I dont think a child with special needs should be in a class with "normal children". Its too disruptive and not fair on the other children. If I was the parent of a "normal child" in this situation I would certainly complain.
now are you sure he is autistic ? Usually they are very quiet and live in a world of their own..ok it depends on their degree of autisim..all I know is they are hard to reach..

if he disturbs the class to much you need to talk with the principal about it and the mother, because being with reg.kids will not make the autisim go away..but in the end it is your decision if you want to say anything or not..it depends on how you feel about it ..how it affects your ability to teach him and the others..
friend on this site works with autistic children, i have messaged you her login so you can send a message to her, however your mail setting has sent my message into your mail filter box, please check that
not all autistic children are the same, they need help they can be very inteligent and smart...
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