is connecting singles connecting the real singles?

i am tired of various attitudes of members in this sites, virtually everything you do here is a scam, if your picture is ugly people will not talk to you, if your picture is fine, they call you scam,if you send a romantic message its a scam,if you ask for assistance is a scam, if you offer to assist someone is a scam, if you ask from people to tell you details about them is a scam,tell me with all these conditions how there is going to be true love, where there is no trust, there will not be god talk less of love.. lets dance like no one is watching and love like you have never been hurt before please
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Ha,ha,ah, I think you are speaking the facts, but who accept facts these days!!
At least it beats the singles bars. I received a response from a young lady and we're exchanging e-mails. No clue how things will turn out, but that's life. You take your chances. And anyone who bases their choices in partners on looks alone is pretty shallow anyway. Good luck everyone.
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