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It’s very uneasy having female boss. She’s widow and surely has a gorgeous boyfriend. She’s very attractive for her age. She’s around 50. Her man is rich as she is. And I definitely not interested with her man at all... devil blues
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Believe me, you will have other serious problems with male boss if he is interested in you! blues
# Hamy79...
Hahhaahha, I never think about it .. rolling on the floor laughing Always grumbling and yelling at me if her man comes to office,even I do nothing wrong...I guess..dunno
thanks God i never got female boss..
hummmmm kind serious problem........
sounds like she is bossy....and..wierd.
I think she has problem her self.....and you are good worker that's why she always mad.
probably she is jealous of your success...
hoping you will be fine.
good luck.
Have a good weekend.
Love you.
teddybear teddybear teddybear
@ flyingdove : im sure ur glad u have male boss
@ pink : in other way, she tought that i'm interested in her man. My gosh, never cross my mind to do that!
What's the connection between you not liking a female boss and not being interested in her man? Sorry, I am really slow and I just dont get it.
how come she tought that you are interested in her boy?
dunno sad flower
Everytime her man comes to office, he always sits in front of me. My boss didnt tell me directly,but the way she acts is overboard. She wants me to do this,,do that. She wont let her man near me. I always..always ask him to wait in her room or waiting room. But he always says no, he just need a friend to talk while he's waiting for her..
If I am that guy I will do the same but sit besides instead. And I will do this do that instead of letting you do this do that. rolling on the floor laughing
Is trying to pursue you or something?
i think he likes you....

and she is just jealous , she knows he likes you.

she is mean to yell at you and boss u around

i suggest you steal him away devil
@ 2kten : hahaha,, im not sure what would i do if u were him laugh
@ musicman : dunno. I just fell unsecure. He just wants to talk until she's finish. That's all,nothing more.
@ aliyah : she's nice if that guy's not around. We talk like friend. But, she'll like an evil when he comes.. I hope they're getting married a.s.a.p. cool
dearest laruku,,the best thing you gotta do is stay away when they are together,,a lot of excuse you can do sis,,dont join in their conversation even if she was your boss,she is not on the right to yell any staff or any one just to show that she is the boss...she maybe just insecured on you cos youre prettier than her,grin make some excuses that you have an important thing to do,,,youre her staff not her slave,tell her that on her facehug teddybear bouquet
I will find a new job on your place-it will be not betterapplause
# jeddah : i never want to join into their conversation. Not even once... All do now is stay away from them.. conversing
@ betaeta : well.. that's the last option if the circumstances is not getting better
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