How is the relationship between a boy and girl ?

Sometimes I think maybe the relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend is different In another countries but This is mistake .
Now you tell me : How is the relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend ?
When they are away from each other What duties they have towards each other?
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The few I have been in was based on love and sharing. Different couples may do things differently but I always believed that who I was with should always feel loved and to be her own person.
i believe it depends on who it is but not what country my friend
Meeting the person in real life is the better way to go I think and then you can spend time together enjoying dates grin bouquet
They have no any duties..they are free, to be together or not..the friendship doesn't give any right of property..on each

My opinion..hug
dear keesy45 :
But I think when two people are far more attention should be together if they like each other .........
I have no problems..he can do what he wants..infact if he loves me he will come to me anyhow...if not, than he doesn't love me enoug..Shall I fight to get him back???.or to say what to do??

I think that every person likes his freedom..and a relationship should allow this.
The more you ask for atention..the less you get..

My hug
yes i agree with you , i have very question in my mind that why someone who loves someone else to reach her not doing anything While he says : i love you .....
I don't know..maybe he has no time..or..has probems.
It depends on our mind not our site I think.
I've seen a lot of couples who originally grew up in different countries before they got
in the state im in most men seem to want to play the field and not get involved with any woman untill they get burned out on dating and decide they want to settle down.
the only problem with that is they dont tell all the women they meet this..i suppose they feel if they do it will ruin their chances of getting sex? lol..a smart woman will notice this though and either push them to the curb or she will also play the field and not get emotionally trapped.
I agree with it is the culture the western culture
men and women date freely and try each other out. Duties they do not have both hope that the other remains faithful while they are together but that is it..
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