Is it just me who thinks this is crazy?

In the UK last week there was a case of a guy who had won something like 56 million on the lottery. (Good luck to him I hear you say but for those ladies on here seeking a "good provider", sorry I dont have his contact details).

Anyway his ex wife, who had left him 10 years previously for another guy, found out about his good fortune and took him to court, claiming some of it was rightfully hers. The court awarded her around 2 million.

Is this crazy or is it just me?
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Hi Howie. I read about this case too. It seems when they divorced they did not include a clause to prevent any claim in the future on assets. It is crazy I agree and so unfair but that's life as we know it. wave
you win some you lose some
i agree thats absurd!
he should have given her a few dollars anyway, for old times sake, its not as if was broke, apparently she should have gotten more from the crap she put up with while living with him, he got off light.wink
Are you worried now Mr. Howie that your ex will claim the tires of your Porsche ?!
Ms Pixels, I guess where I have a problem with the "future claim" part is that divorce is supposed to be an ending, with a split of the assets at that time. The whole concept of a "claim on future assets" therefore seems to me invalid, whether its stated in the divorce agreement or not.
I agree with you Howie but unfortunately that is what happened in this case wave
Mr Becks, not really, I think the back ones need replacing anyway. But great to see you again, we feared you had gone down with the rest of the Irish economy.
Heya… Mr. How… how can you just simply say you don’t have his contact details?! You have to check for that and come back to add that importance note on your blog!! grin

About the wife got 2 millions from this case, it is possible that she promised to give to the court about 1 million, that is the reason why...! laugh

Long live St.Patrick and IMF Mr.Howie

OK Ms Hamy, if I can find it out then I will add to the blog.
What you say is possible but very unlikely. This happened in the UK and everyone knows that our courts and justice systems here are perfect and free from corruption, unlike some parts of the world.laugh
Lol! I am thinking moving to UK then! lol
Sorry Ms Hamy but our little island is full. And anyway we only really welcome people with no money and no job prospects or people with about 100 children. So do you qualify !?laugh
hey Mr. How. Don't envy this guy's good luck. Though he won 56 million, yet you still own your own school.

But why his ex wife can have 2 million? confused
Hey, Mr. How, I think I am qualify for this! read my profile! blushing grin
Dearest Hen, because she is a blind chicken and this time she plucked the corn.
That is the whole question - why should she get 2 million. I have no idea, you would have to ask the idiot judge who awarded it to her.
Mr How I'm sure the lady in question just desired to share her ex husband's happiness and would have been as eager in case of misfortune. In fact papers and my experiences are full of rich women courting ,supporting,caring for their poor husband.laugh
As a result I dont see what's wrong with this laugh
Wow Ms Hamy, so you really have 100 children!? Congratulations!
OK Mr Tru Grit, if thats your experience. Mine is slightly different and maybe more typical, of women being greedy, grubby, money grabbing blood suckers who are mostly looking for a "good provider" !laugh
well i don't know much about your beloved country and her system. but

i heard that, in UK, government pays more money to prisons to improve the prisoners' life, but give fewer money to the old as the retirement pension . is it really so? why the prisoners who have done something wrong to the society can live better than the old people who have lost their ability to earn money or even to walk? confused
Its a mystery to me too Hen. However I think it has something to do with the concept of "human rights". You see even if someone has done something wrong they are still a human being and deserve to be treated like one. You know, for example, in say China, if someone steals a paper clip from the government they are executed to discourage other people from commiting such a dreadful crime. In the UK it works differently, we try to be nice to these criminals in the hope that they will see the error of their ways and repent their sins and become a good member of society !!
Mr. How, I don't have 100 children but you said, "OR", meaning that either "no money and no job prospects" or "with about 100 children". So, I think I am qualify! blushing Anyway, can I move to there first and have 100 children later (after I got few million USD from any ex there)?? laugh
sorry to hear that. i don't know so much things. in my limited life experience, i just saw a great anger among British people about this policy, and some decisions, such as, allowing loads of Muslim to immigrate to the land with great cultures---UK, which results that the local people lose jobs, the crimes increase, terrorism happen frequently...sigh I am so sorry to hear that. i hope the situation will be better and better... but according to my British friend, the situation is not very.. uh oh

and you, you had better stay in Germany!!!!!
Hen, its no better in Germany! They complain there about too many Turkish people!
well I dont see women as greedy and money oriented , after all what is 2 millions out of 56 ? peanutslaugh
Ms Hamy, that "or" was said with some irony. But let me tell you a little story. A very very very good friend of mine, with whom I own another business, works in the field of immigration. About 2 weeks ago she was dealing with the case of a young girl who had graduated from a top university in China and wanted to come to the UK to study a PHD. The visa was refused. We appealed to the court but in the end it was rejected and the girl was sent home to China - with three - YES THREE - UK officials accompanying her on the flight. On the other hand I could show you photos of queues of asylum seekers each day waiting to get their benefits. Its a crazy crazy system.
hamy.. The climate in UK is not very sunny. in Vietnam, it is very sunny. so i think you cannot suit the climate in UK. uh oh
Wow, Mr. How, 3 UK officials accompanying her on the flight??!! unbelievable! do they said any reason about the visa rejection?

Regarding to thousands of people each day waiting to get their benefits, yes, I heard about it, and I heard a little bit about their crazy system too!

BUT, but... I don't care about those. What I care is... can I move to there to have some million USD from any ex?? laugh 100 children later should be no problem to me at all! grin
Hi Hen, no problem at all if I can have some million USD from any ex there laugh
one of my colleagues studied in Manchester last year. she wanted to continue to get the master degree, but was refused, because she was told that her bank doesnt have enough money. so she found a job in our company and works with us.

but next week she will fly to Manchester to pick up some of her things. Manchester, a city that makes me crying ...
I dont know why it takes 3 people from the UK to make sure a girl gets back to China. I guess they just wanted to enjoy a day or two in Beijing.
So what you need to do is quite simple. Find a rich English guy to marry, have some children as quickly as possible and get divorced. (I can give you a tip, you need to stay married to him for a minimum of 2 years under UK laws to get the maximum benefits). Then you get cash and a UK passport!
Well Hen, yes you need to show you have "sufficient funds" in your bank account to get the visa. Most smart Chinese people borrow money from someone they know, put it into their account, print out a statement and then pay the money back ! So I can only assume your friend is not very smart...........
Lol, Mr. How, hahah, good tips! thanks!! rolling on the floor laughing – Next, I may need your help to find a rich English guy then! laugh

Hen, ja, I heard a lot of foresee about coming serious economic crisis in Europe after US. Year ago, I had to change my studying plan also because of similar problem with the bank. sigh
Ms Hamy, I can find you a rich English guy, no problem. However I dont work for free so you will have to sign a contract guaranteeing me a share of your divorce settlement !
rolling on the floor laughing Mr. How, OK, you send me the contract, I will check in details and let you know! blushing

Bye for now as I want to sleep to dream about my few million $$! dance

I have never heard of any "legitimate" business that helps people manipulating the system to get a visa.
In most western countries it is called a visa scam.
Check google on the internet and you will see what I am talking about. "ie" marrying someone just to get a visa, ect.
Also My "immediate" family moved here from Switzerland and I still have some family over there, so by birth after they moved here I was born. Can trace my family roots in Switzerland for hundreds of years. Because of this I can have two citizenships but by right, not by anyone trying to work the system to get me in.
just wandering... If the ex now gets a boob job with the new cash, does that entitle the ex hubby for a good feel and a few licks??
I don't feel regret for my jokes on all the posting regarding to rich English man and money on this blog, the story made me feel like crazy fun actually... that's why... Anyway, I received a serious message from a stranger saying that after reading all my posts on this blog he knows "true me!" sigh
The only way I could understand this judgment was if the woman did not originally want the divorce, and had done nothing to "breach" the original contract(marrage).
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