26/11 What about Woman!?

1. Women, the more beautiful the more dangerous they are
2. Anything, anyone you can trust but women, especially beautiful women.
3. Behind a man's success there is a woman, behind an unsuccessful man there can be more than one.
4. Women, they have no power but they can ruin a nation.
5. If you don't love woman you are not a man, if you don't have a job you are not a man either.
6. Among 36 tricks, trick of beauty is the most dangerous and effective.
8. You can swim across a river or strait but you drown in woman's tears. Even swords are stained in their tears too.
9. Each woman is a set of problems but without woman home becomes orphan
10. I am doing well but without woman I am not perfect.

So simple but so confused after all. confused ... cool

whatever women are happy weekend everyone. cheers
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Try to get one..than..wine
I guess this is more realistic:
3. Behind a man's success sometimes there is a woman, behind an unsuccessful man certainly there 's not any...laugh handshake
Dear 2kten.
I always try doing well for anything I am not perfect.
I am doing well but without special someone I am not perfect.
love is so simple but so confused like a puzzle after all.
but we cannot live without love.
that's what I feel. grin
I wishing you will find a beatiful woman inside and outsie....not dangerous one.
thank you for your thoughts. tip hat
Have A wonderful weekend.
Beauty is skin deep. Beauty attracts your attention. However not always can it sustain your attention. Communication and personality are much more important. Beauty fades with time. Communication and personality can last forever if natured properly.
laugh what a way to discribe us 2kten,grin yay yay
1)not all beautiful are dangerous,dont go for their look,know them before you judge them and personality very important.
3)maybe youre right in here,just maybedunno
4)woman are very powerful 2kten,why??we bleed w/out woundgrin ,we get wet w/o waterlaugh tongue grin
you better find your woman friend and make your house a home,and wish you all the best,have a good week end too sircheers teddybear
yeah , we are women and i'm proud that i am a woman.
banana cheering applause
Well 2kten,that is very unfortunate that in times past you have been easy prey for a pretty face/body.Learn from your past mistakes and don't stop on the surface.Beauty is only skin deep if that's where your looking Here's a key for you...listen to her words,look past the surface and see the heart.Good luck you have the God given ablity to love truly and be loved truly.
thank you keesy45
thank you pinkcoral
thank you jeddah12
thank you heliya
and thank you Jewel1961

You are the women I know and I love you all.
I wish you have a man to make him perfect too.

Without a woman my single bed is so large every night.
my living room is so bored and empty
my kitchen is messy and dusty. blah blah
Hi Johnwain that is another story I don't mean that. laugh
But that's also true some cases. handshake
Hi hankharlow I am very happy to see you here in my post.
Actually that's just theory. When a man is in front of a beauty he forgets everything, he becomes totally blind. and that's that,
in history so many nations were ruined, so many heroes died just because of women's beauty. You can see. So I hate women but I can not stop loving them especially beautiful women. frustrated
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