over a month ago, most of the top bloggers were removed from C.S. in what must have been one of the worst blog management decisions in the history of dating sites, the blogs are the heartbeat, the pulse of any site, they reflect its health, people flocked to C.S. at weekends, it wasent unknown for 600 or 700 comments to appear on the blog postings, and parties, and laughter, were bountiful.

now the site is barely ticking over, 10, 15 , 1 or 0 comments is the norm, the sooner alf barios, venus, carob, and some others are back here, the better for everybody, including C.S. because at the end of the day, it is no victory for anybody, to see the embarrassment that the sight has become, what good are blogs, if people cannot express there views, and be themselves, we are supposed to be about being real, its time someone at C.S. got real, for everyones sake. please, before its too late.comfort
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NO ONE IS ever BANNED from this site WITHOUT GOOD REASON! The members that were removed were bullies who decided that they were above site rules and that it was okay to say whatever they wanted and to attack whoever they wanted, using foul language and multiple profiles, justified because they had followers and THEY were just having fun. Then they blamed the consequence of their behavior on others... staff and members they THINK reported them. The offenders were first given temporary time outs and their offensive posts removed. When they chose to ignore that warning and return to cause more trouble, they were banned permanently.

"Blogs are blogs, they are for adult discussion" (quote gotitall)... is not true. Chatrooms are for the type of discussion you refer to. Blogs are mini-articles, journals of member's thoughts and opinions, open to specific comments of those specific topics. It's not a platform for ridicule, gossip about others, and endless unrelated offensive chatter. And there's no contest here for the most pages.

Troublemakers have been removed from the site... and will always be. Getting rid of a bunch of self-important, attention getters that attack, belittle, and bully others can only be an improvement.. not the death of a quality site feature.
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